Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post #0107 - Happy Birthday Youngster #2

Dear Earthlings,
As destined, our second child was born on August 31, 2010 being 10 days before Syawal last year. This year, his birthday falls on Second Syawal which is on second Raya.   

For his first birthday, we presented this on his behalf at the nearby mosque -

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Post #0105 - Payless Shoe Source

Dear Earthlings,
How fun and enjoyable can your retail therapy be when you see nice shoes with ridiculously cheap price tag? When I first entered the shop, I was expecting it would be like any other outlet. Eg : Royal Sporting House. Not so much bargain. But boy, I was wrong!

The intention was to get Youngster #1 shoes. Went to many shops but couldn't find the one that I was looking for. If there was a pattern that I like, they don't have her size.

Anyways we went into Payless Shoe Source just to have a look at the store, but didn't plan to make any purchase. 

So we went row by row looking for Size 9 as they place the shoes according to sizes, hence it's easier for your to find the designs for your size. 

They place everything on the shelf. If you are looking for your favourite design but notice the shelf didn't have your size, fear not. Just look above the shelf where they place their stocks :) (And of course, please call for the shop assistant to help you)

And well.. well.. well..
They carry pretty nice designs and the shoes are pretty comfortable. They even have shoes for newborn! They not only have shoes, but also accessories as well as handbags.

But what makes me REALLY happy??
Mother Daughter Matching Shoes!

Priced at RM31 each. How cool is that?? It didn't take me long to grab few more pairs. It's like unleashing the lost child in me. Hahaha.. 
Pumps, Wedges, Flats, Slip On.. you name it. They have it all.

PayLess Shoe Source was originated from US.
FYI, this is their first branch - Sunway Pyramid, next branch will be opening in Mahkota Parade Malacca, next Penang and soon Malaysia will have more than 300 outlets. How convenient is that?
I definitely going to be their loyal customer :)

Payless Shoe Source Payless is located at the Blue Atrium - LG1 just by the escalators. If I'm not mistaken, it's near to a beach wear shop.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Post #014 - Chelsea FC Bukit Jalil

Dear Earthlings, 

We received an invitation for the match. Too good to be missed, we were among thousands of cars stucked on the highway heading to Bukit Jalil for more than 2 hours.   

Couldn't stand with the mad traffic, we U-turned and parked our car at the nearby Star LRT Station. 
By the time we arrived, it was near to the end of first half. What the heck la kan. Dah alang-alang sampai. Redah aje.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post #0103 - Waxing and Threading in Bangsar

Dear Earthlings, 
I am one happy bunny!!

First I got myself waxed at the usual place in Bangsar in less than 30 minutes! For the first time, the pain is .. err.. I wouldn't want to say painless.. err.. but I think it's bearable :) 
No more screaming unlike my previous 6 sessions. But I still do tight grabbing on the extra towel :D

Second, I found a place that can do threading nicely!
Also in Bangsar. 
It all started about 7 years ago with a friend recommendation. And I stick to that one particular threader (Aida) ever since until she returned to Indonesia 2 years ago. 
So for the past two years, I rarely go for threading because I always end up with dissapointment. 

I'm not a picky type of person. But if I want to do threading, my usual request would be - 
1) No skinny eye brows, and
2) No injuries done to my skin.

That's all. 

Then early this year, I tried waxing. Just because I couldn't care less about the shape and I just want it to be trimmed. 
As result, I suffered minor injuries and left me a scar on my left cheek near my lips. 

Then I stop anything that has to do with hair plucking on my face.

Two years have passed and I still can't stick or find a good threader until my feet walked in TARA Beauty House - Located in Jalan Telawi. 
I took the brochure but I believe that the brochure is outdated as it states the old address (near McD). Yet the place that I went is exactly next to KK Shop (From 7-11 Telawi, you can see KK Shop). You have to climb the stairs and the place is at the first floor. I think it's in Jalan Telawi 3.

I was prepared with high tolerance of pain because I know, it will hurt and cause injuries. 
However, I was wrong! The threader (Rani) did it really fine and soft. I don't feel a pain at all!! I have to admit that she is better than Aida. And, I also surprised that for eye brow and upper lip, it only cost me RM10!! (Aida charged me for RM25)
How cheap is that????

I definitely going to stick with this place :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post #0102 - Limited Release

Dear Earthlings,
Remember my last trip to Sg?
Well, I haven't tell you the whole story yet.

During my return trip to KL, I planned to claim for GST at Changi. Being a first timer, I don't know what to expect and just act according to the instruction given by the personnel.

I bought a couple of liquid at the Orchard, and I packed in hand luggage so in case the Customs want to see the product, I can show it to them.

At Changi, I went straight to the GST counter before we check in and got my receipt stamped.

Though I am aware that we can only carry certain number of liquid on board, I kept on carrying my purchase (instead of checking-in). This is due to the first counter (at the terminal) not checking or inspect the product. AND I thought the Customs will make another check at the Departure Hall, since we need to go to another GST Counter to collect the refund.

GST Counter inside the Departure Hall
The drama began when we entered the Departure Gate whereby we need to pass the scanner. The Immigration (i think, or was it the Custom?) denied my belongings - Ie : My purchase of liquid. 

The arguments got heated and we were frustrated with their act (and attitude) because they only stick to the rule instead giving us the solution. Add in salt, they were rude to us. Be it the lady officer and men officers. They were just rude. They don't do any help at all.

In case you are wondering, below are the subject in dispute -
SK II - Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (120 g) and Facial Treatment Essence (250ml)

FYI, the products were sealed and never been opened.

They insisted me to throw it away (are you fish kidding me?) or to divide the liquid into a couple of plastic bags by which we think it doesn't make sense. Either or. 
There is no other way. 

First, the product will deoxydise when we expose the content. Hence, ruin it. 
Second, it is still be the same amount of liquid that we will be carrying on board even if we divide the liquid. Doesn't make any difference.
Third, we believe that there must be a better way to resolve this issue.

GadgetGeek (as always) stands by my side and argued on my behalf. However, seeing that arguing with them was just another waste of time, we ended the argument by leaving the scene.

GadgetGeek then called up the Airport Crew. Explained the situation. Negotiated and we managed to get the stuff on board with limited release.
(Thumbs up to the Changi Airport Crew on their help and being different)

We surrendered the bag to the Airport Crew and they passed the bag to the Air Crew after we boarded. 
We only received the bag-in-issue at the Luggage-Travelator in KLIA. 

Well, it's not that hard actually to assist passengers in need :)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Post #0101 - 8 days to go

Dear Earthlings,
We have another 8 days to go before this holy month leaves us. 
I feel that I don't do that much for Ramadhan compared to last year. More to malas actually. Sad isn't it. 

Anyways, it is confirmed that we will be spending our Raya in KL. 
YEAY! Am so happy because it's going to be a Sleep-Eat-TV Raya. No need to face the Raya traffic, the hecticness of visiting, the post trip etc. 
The whole one week to rejuvenate which I couldn't ask for more. 

I know some people might be saying how selfish I am not to balik kampung etc. Or maybe it's just me, but who cares right. 
We already balik Kedah two weeks ago, and will spend our Raya morning at my parent's place in Penchala before we send them to the airport for KB.

For the rest of my sibblings (esp BigSis and LilSis II) my dad had to use his veto power to tell them to balik KB. His line was something like - "Though Mok (our grandma) has passed away, it's the ambience that we have to feel.. yada.. yada.. yada.." His speech went on and on and on..
While LilSis I has no choice because her husband is a Kelantanese :)    

Speaking of balik kampung alternately. 
As far as I can recall - 
2007 - Raya KL (I was down with morning sickness. Spent our Raya morning in Shah Alam)
2008 - Raya Kedah (5 days) & KB 
2009 - Raya KB (3 days) & KL
2010 - Raya KL (Gave birth to Youngster #2 - 10 days before Raya)
2011 - Raya KL

It's nice to balik two kampungs for Raya, but it's a bit costly and by the time we reached next kampung on the third day, most of the families were already returned to KL. Hmm.. maybe we should consider of balik to one kampung only per trip next year* (T&C applies)

Whatever it is, bottom line - We will be celebrating Raya in KL this year!! 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post #0098 - Word

Dear Earthlings,
Youngster #2 is approaching one year old.  So far his words are only "mama", "papa", the "t"s. 
There was one occasion, which I think he understands what I'm talking about. 
Asked him whether he wants to eat rice or not. He answered with "Nak" :)
Hmm.. maybe I just got lucky. 

On his motor skills, apart from grabbing, crawling etc, he knows how to clap, wave since 7 months old. 

Anyways, I know that it is not nice for me to compare my kids, but I just can't help it. 
I tend to compare on the development, like what have Youngster #1 achieved during her one year old. So I expressed my concern to Youngster #2 principal and (of course) I got scolded because comparing the kids. 

Nani, a friend that I knew since my early working days back in 2006.  Read her blog about speech therapy and discovered that by practising it can stimulate kids talking.

رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِى صَدْرِى * وَيَسِّرْ لِى أَمْرِى * وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِنْ لِسانِى * يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِى
“Rabbi-shrahli shodri wayassirli amri wa-hlul ‘uqdata-mmi-llisani ya-fqahu qauli”
“Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku, dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku, dan lepaskanlah kekakuan dari lidahku, supaya mereka mengerti perkataanku”.

This line was read by Nabi Musa when he was meeting and conversing with the Firaun. 

Read it each time we preparing milk/food for the kids. 
Insha Allah.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post #0096 - July Meet.Up(s)

Dear Earthlings, 
Fulfilled couple of invitations last July. 

1) Sara's 5th birthday, at Kizsports Bangsar Village II. 
I find that having birthday here is less headache. Ie - Parents don't really have to monitor the kids. *Considering for Youngster #1 next birthday*

2) Inez's 1st birthday - Precint 10, Putrajaya

3) The most awaiting arrival of Aisy Iskandar

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post #0094 - Until another really-really-really irresistible offer comes knocking again

Dear Earthlings, 
Early this year, GadgetGeek got an irresistible job offer which offered us to migrate. Very tempting indeed. (For few weeks, only God knows how I had to crack my brain on drafting the resignation letter.  Hurmph!)
Then he'd passed the offer as he didn’t want to return to consulting world where there is no  time for family.  Been there done that.

About couple of months later, he received another day to day job offer in the same country. Plan to take it but differing the employment to after this Raya.
Since the dateline is approaching, I had to ask him again. This is because I have been holding back so many plans due to migration. I can't simply book any flight ticket, plan out any vacation or even to decide on Youngster #1 primary school. So after thoughtful consideration, he decided to decline the said offer and continue to cherish whatever we are having here

Am I relieved? I don’t know.
It is not really matter whether we are going to migrate or not. Afterall, I’m happy with my current life, though we are not lavishly living. 

A friend once asked me, “what do you really want in life?”
His questions flowed to material things like “what designer handbag you want?” etc.(Too bad I'm not a brand conscious)

Well, after having several unfortunate incidents, kids in and out hospitals, all I want is to have a real wealth life where money can’t buy – ie : Health and family.

I can’t really answer his question because I already have what I really want in life - A family with simple living

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Post #0090 - Show off : Fashion Valet

Dear Earthlings,
Being typically me, I would think a thousand time before making online purchase, because I knew at the end of the day, I would normally regret on the purchase. This has happened to me so many times without fail! 

One of my earliest online shopping.. I bought a few scarfs. Spent >RM300. Regretted due to bad sewing and material. Then, got myself a jumpsuit. Same thing. Disappointed on the material. 
I ended up tuck the stuffs that I bought into the deep side of my closet. 

Anyways, since Raya is coming (AND) we will be having our Raya in KL *yeay!*  I decided to shop online (again). Well, actually.. it's more because I'm too lazy to go out  because of the puasa.

Speaking of online shopping, I've been viewing FV for quite sometime actually. But never make a purchase. Initially I wanted to buy Sereni Shentel Collections. But after thoughtful consideration, I'd to pass :( No point of having a fancy hairband if I would only wear it at home. 

So on one fine day, not planning to make any purchase.. I viewed FV again, like I always do each time they release new arrivals. This time I spent more time on the Accessories section. 
Then I was torn between these three - 

I like the first pattern, but it's in bronze. And the second and third one, though the design is a bit cluttered, me likey the silvery.

Anyways, (tried to get second opinion from BigSis, but she was in a meeting) with the help of my fashion consultant who is residing in BalikPapan, the one that I picked was the first one :)

The service was superb. Don't let me start on the packaging! Ordered yesterday, arrive today.
I'm one happy customer.

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