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Post #0272 - Chanting "It's all about teamwork.. it's all about teamwork"

Dear Earthlings, 

We have returned the 7 months maid balik kampung. 
It started because of this one sms, coming from the maid's cousin. Knew her during the maid's first outing in KL.CC.

Followed by conversations between the maid and my mother. 
According to my mother, the maid plan to balik kampung in July. She texted me when I was in the office (3 days later after I received the above sms)

Why another month? 
Basically because she needs pocket money. For the past 6 months she's working she withdrew all her salary (every month) and mostly spent on reload/top up. Ironically she rarely contact her husband, but spent most of her time texting her friends here. 

Two weeks before everything started to mess up, she woke up late for almost a week though we'd already given her alarm clock etc. She goes to bed before 10 every night. So I expect her to be ready by 6 am. Most of the time latter than 6.45am. If it wasn't me who woke her up, I don't know what time she got up.

I was the one who knocked the door to wake her up, which pretty sick and tiring for me. That time GadgetGeek was on business trip, leaving me stressed up alone. Upon his return, we discussed how to go about this, seeing that the maid is planning to run away. 

Why I believe that she plans to run away?
She is one talkative person. But that whole week she was not being her. More of being silent. Previously, she always shared to me her working experience. 
There was one story when she was working in Manila. She told her Employer that she wants to balik kampung, but ended she went to work with the Employer's neighbour. 

Another story, one of her friends ("N" - refer to the above sms) ranaway from the Employer. So I told her not to do that to us. She replied, "don't worry Madame. I will not do that. I will tell you that I want to balik kampung".

Come Sunday, her outing day (or should I say her pre-plan lari day). 
GadgetGeek blurted to her that she cannot go outing because we cannot get on hold the Agent. (We paid the Agent to process permit etc. Surrendered the maid's passport back in November last year). It turned out that our Agent misrepresented the (registered) Agency and is a conman.

Can't wait no more, we seek for friends advices. A friend advised to send the maid straight to depoh. Some advised to send to the Embassy etc. 

Cut the story short. 
FRIDAY (2 days earlier)
I went to immigration to check on the Employer status whether there was any submission for permit under our name. - Negative. 
Then I went to immigration (Enforcement Department). Been advised by the Officer in charge. 
Later that evening GadgetGeek went to the police station to lodge report. Storied from A-Z. Almost 2 pages long I think. 

SATURDAY - King's Holiday

GadgetGeek break the news to the maid and asked her to pack up. 
The maid insisted on going for outing.
But we re-advised her to pack and her outing is cancelled.
The maid gave excuse that she needs to buy suitcase to pack. (Still want to go for outing)
We didn't allowed but gave her one large suitcase instead.
And of course, her handphone rang like hell. Received call every other minute. 
Can you just imagine?

Later that evening, we went to my parent's place for dinner and she had the nerve to say to my father "My Employer don't want me anymore".
Like, whatdehell?? 
Her work performance is degrading, woke up late, always on the phone.. U think??

Even though she gave us hardtime, we still took her for some shopping and Putrajaya sightseeing.

1) Took her to the Embassy to process her travel document.
Thought of leaving her at the Embassy but the Embassy said that it is not their problem. Have to deal with the Immigration.
And getting a travel document is not that hard. They don't even bother to look at our police report and it was ready in 3 hours. VERY EFFICIENT.

2) Afternoon to the Malaysia Immigration (Enforcement). The other officer-in-charge advised how to apply the 6P Programme. 
(Employer to prepare letter addressed to the Immigration, attach the yellow form & letter from the Embassy, flight ticket)
3) Went back home, bought one way ticket, drafted the letter and we went off to the Immigration again. 
4) The Immigration did the process and the maid was thumb print registered. 
Later the Immigration issued the release travel document.

What is 6P Programme. 
Program Pem.utihan for PA.TI.
Little that we know to have maid from Philipines, we have to use calling visa unlike from Indonesia. (We thought only from Cambodia use calling visa).
So since the period of stay has lapsed and has no passport she is considered a PA.TI. Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin.
Having a PA.TI inside our house, we can easily be fine up to RM30,000 in total. RM5,000 per head if I'm not mistaken. Imprisonment included. That was advised by the Immigration Officer to us. 

However, there is a fine line when you are deporting a PA.TI. 
He/She cannot enter our country for the next five years.Anyways, we just want to get over and done with.

Cost incurred by us
Travel document from Embassy RM115.50
(Both of our cars kena saman dekat Embassy. There was no parking lot, parked by the roadside) $$$
Penalty from Malaysia Immigration RM400.00 (kalau tak, kena RM3000.00. Nasib baik 6P still on)
Flight ticket (Cebu Air)(KL-Manila-Zamboanga) RM800 (inclusive meal & baggage allowance)
We also paid her full salary for the month.RMxxxx (duit titik peluh orang kerja kena bayar in full)

Despite that we had to fork out our money, the maid questioned us :
1) Why we took the very next day flight for her? Why not wait until the end of stay period? (The Embassy gave 3 months extension of stay)
Simple - we do not want to take any risk.
2) Why travel document only? Why did not request for passport?
YOUR travel document cost us for RM115. And can you answer why we do not want to spend more on your passport? To apply passport is RM600++
According to her it only cost her 2000 peso (approx RM200) to get passport in her home country. So I told her to apply for it once she's home.

For these reasons, I now understand why the Employer just let go the maid if the maid lari. Obviously because of these unnecessary expenses!!
We could have just deduct from her current month salary. Tapi kesian. 
Sebab dari keluarga susah. Rumah atas air. Kerja hari-hari basuh baju dapat upah 100 peso sehari (RM10). 

At the airport, I forwarded ALL her money and asked her to write the total she received. We are lucky because we documented every single cent in and out, and her monthly salary is bank-in in separate account.

My father reminded us to make sure that we give all of the maid's money. Kalau ajal dah sampai, mana nak cari maid ni nak pulang hak duit dia. Tak perlu nak buat deduction untuk flight ticket ke.. apa ke. Anggap je tak ada rezeki and things happened for a reason.

What to bring to the Airport.
1) Air flight ticket
2) Travel document (yellow paper from Embassy)
3) Release letter from Malaysia Immigration

Ni lah orang kata, bagi betis nak peha. 
Dah layan elok, still tak syukur. Takpelah. Bukan rezeki kitaorang nak ada maid, and bukan rezeki dia untuk kerja dengan kitaorang.

Rumah pakai washer & dryer, kids go to school full day, all she needs to do cuma sort out the laundry and cleaning. She is free to use handphone as long as she completes her chores. 
That's all. Yang tu pun susah sangat ke?
Too bad. We really liked her.

On the next day, she rang me to inform that she has reached home. Even her mother spoke to my mom, thanking for taking care of her daughter.
Too bad that she has decided not to work with us. We even planned to give her RAYA Bonus next month.
What ever it is, life goes on. We wish her best of luck in whatever things that she is doing. 

ps - "Madame, later I add you on my facebook ok".
Haaa... boleh???
Rasanya maid kitaorang ni culture shock.

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