Monday, August 29, 2011

Post #0105 - Payless Shoe Source

Dear Earthlings,
How fun and enjoyable can your retail therapy be when you see nice shoes with ridiculously cheap price tag? When I first entered the shop, I was expecting it would be like any other outlet. Eg : Royal Sporting House. Not so much bargain. But boy, I was wrong!

The intention was to get Youngster #1 shoes. Went to many shops but couldn't find the one that I was looking for. If there was a pattern that I like, they don't have her size.

Anyways we went into Payless Shoe Source just to have a look at the store, but didn't plan to make any purchase. 

So we went row by row looking for Size 9 as they place the shoes according to sizes, hence it's easier for your to find the designs for your size. 

They place everything on the shelf. If you are looking for your favourite design but notice the shelf didn't have your size, fear not. Just look above the shelf where they place their stocks :) (And of course, please call for the shop assistant to help you)

And well.. well.. well..
They carry pretty nice designs and the shoes are pretty comfortable. They even have shoes for newborn! They not only have shoes, but also accessories as well as handbags.

But what makes me REALLY happy??
Mother Daughter Matching Shoes!

Priced at RM31 each. How cool is that?? It didn't take me long to grab few more pairs. It's like unleashing the lost child in me. Hahaha.. 
Pumps, Wedges, Flats, Slip On.. you name it. They have it all.

PayLess Shoe Source was originated from US.
FYI, this is their first branch - Sunway Pyramid, next branch will be opening in Mahkota Parade Malacca, next Penang and soon Malaysia will have more than 300 outlets. How convenient is that?
I definitely going to be their loyal customer :)

Payless Shoe Source Payless is located at the Blue Atrium - LG1 just by the escalators. If I'm not mistaken, it's near to a beach wear shop.

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  1. yup... ! shoe heaven...... want to go there again sooonn~~

  2. Cool!! Mesti aku pun naik gila kalau masuk kedai nih :)