Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post #0200 - May Trip & Tips : Half way around the world (New York, Philadephia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls Canada)

Dear Earthlings, 

So I travelled half way around the world earlier this month to meet my GadgetGeek. (Yes.. I know. Cheezy. You don't have to say it out loud :)
He's in Houston a week earlier therefore we decided to meet up in New York for our first-ever getaway. (Yeah, get away from the kids). Sorted the Youngsters to my Lil Sis I (I'd say, she did a great job!). She sacrificed her two week's night life.

My flight departed from KLIA, transit in Dubai and had another 13 hours of direct flight to JFK Airport. From JFK I decided to take a bus to the hotel. Why?
Mainly because I was too scared to take the cab alone. Takot kena kidnap. Hehe. (Too much of CSI).

The bus stopped at the Grand Central, and from there I walked to the hotel. 

It's a roadtrip for our Anniversary - Drove down to few cities before wrap up our journey.

  • Four Letter Word - T.I.P.S!
  • Don't miss to catch Broadway Show.

  • Times Square never sleep. Literally. 

  • Catch a tour bus. One day tour (bus) is sufficient. The rest of the days, just take subway/walk.
  • Halal cart is at every block. Polices are everywhere. 

  • Lost in New York? No way!! The buildings and roads are all well planned and grid. Vertical line is the Avenues and Horizontal line is the Streets. Divided to East and West.
  • In and out (each) shopping malls in New York? Very hard to do so. Countless shopping malls and boutiques!

  • Must try! Magnolia Bakery. People said it has the best pastry. Me, being not a pastry lover.. I shall reserve my comment.

  • Must go - Woodbury Premium Outlet. It's the largest outlet. Compared to Johor Premium Outlet, JPO is like 1/30. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But, it's really HUGE! One day is not enough.  Tips : Do print out the discounts from the website itself. It offers more bargain/discounts compared to the VIP Coupon Book. FYI, Gucci, Coach, Ferragamo and all the high end brands, please expect NO coupon.

  • Queue for the Saturday Night Live!

  • Top of the Rock / Empire State Building - Don't know which one to go? We went both! The only different is you can see Empire State Building in the picture if it's from the Top of the Rock. Go for sunset - it's beautiful!

  •  City with no tax!


  • Visit the Uni Town and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Museum of Art.

Washington DC
  • Stop by at Baltimore before entering DC.

  • Half a day is okay to view the city, but need at least one whole day if you intend to visit the museums.

Niagara Falls

  • Watch the falls from Ontario Canada. (Two option to view - either from Ontario or  New York). Make sure you get the Canada Visa from your home country. 
  • Budget hotels are at the center of attractions.  

  • While exclusive hotels facing the Niagara Falls (only 5 minutes drive from the attractions).

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Post #0194 - Back where we start

Dear Earthlings, 

Morning traffic has been bad to me for the past one week. It took me almost 1.5 - 2 hours instead of 1 hour for me to reach the office. 
So the best thing I could do was - *click**click*
Oh well.. I learned from the best.

Kepong - Batu Caves
Gombak - Taman Melati
Wangsa Maju
Notice the sun rise? Mind you, this was on the same morning.

Anyways, I mms-ed the pictures to my Boss.
And she mms-ed her whereabout - at her desk.
   _ _

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post #0193 - If we ever meet again

Dear Earthlings, 

It was like a dream come true when GadgekGeek asked me whether I would love to go to States. (Hell yeah!!) The invitation came twice actually. The first one was via email. But due to late respond, he called me up :)

When he uttered the word, one by one..
my heart was pumping fast!
Normally I would just jump on what ever he’s saying. Ironically, this time I was patiently (trust me, it was really hard!) listening (with a BIG smile on my face :D ) Sounds stupid, but I think I had goose bumps. Cheezy I know.

We do have plans to go there, but never thought the trip would come this soon. My flight will be in next 8 hours and gonna face more than 20 hours flight.
We will be tripping in the Big Apple as well as DC and Philly. A place where GadgetGeek had spent 8 years of his life. If time permit, we might be driving up to Canada.
I don’t know what to expect, but hope it would be an enjoyable one!
Nervous I am.

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