Monday, May 23, 2011

Post #0073 - Off Diaper

Dear Earthlings, 
I think Youngster #2 is officially off diaper. 
For the past weeks, (let say we missed to take her to toilet before she sleeps we put the diaper on).. However, the diaper remains dry on the next morning. 
And if she goes to the toilet before she sleeps, we let her off diaper. So far it looks promising.

If we go for outing, it's gonna be me who is going to take her to the toilet. At first, it was a bit hassle because it is not easy to find a clean toilet. 

So I thought her few rules regarding the public toilet
First, to hold her 'business' and walk quickly to the nearest toilet.
Second, not to step on the toilet floor barefoot.
Third, to place tissue/cover/wipe on the toilet seat (this one, I'd to do it for her)
then only she can sit on it.

Sometimes, she rather put her 'business' on hold if the toilet is dirty/squatting toilet. About a month ago, she poo-ed in her pants when we were having dinner in a restaurant (we didn't know that she needs to go to the toilet). 
Whenever this thing happens, I will definitely throw away the pants. So far it happened 3 times. So, it has been 3 pants I threw away. 
Yeah, I don't even bother to wash it.. (which also explains why I don't support cloth diaper). geli!!

I remember her first time to poo in the toilet. First, she wanted to poo in the diaper, but I insisted and immediately put her on the toilet. Ignored any plea and scream from her. 
And it works.
Then, came constipation. 
I don't know how far this is true, but each time she constipate, I ask her to sing to relief the pain and helps to smooth the flow :) Any song will do.
GadgetGeek laughed at me when I suggested this. But I believe it works. You should try it yourself.

Last night, she slept early and missed the toilet. As usual, we put on the diaper (just in case). However, she woke up in the middle of the night; took her diaper off and was angry at us because we put on the diaper.
Yeay, finally. No more diaper for Youngster #1 (though I planned for her to diaper off since she was 1.5 years old). oh well, my laziness prevails. Then again, I have to thank the School for getting the ball rolling :)

These (L) stocks are now belongs to Youngster #2 which I think it would be enough until end of the year.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post #0072 - Youngster #1 is now 3

Dear Earthlings, 
As said, Youngster #1's third birthday was a simple one. 
Since her birthday is on Labour Day, we arranged it on the last day of the week so she can celebrate it at school. I packed 30 goodies, a birthday cake and sent them to school a day before. Easy pizzy!
I think I'm going to do the same for next year. Less headache! 

The teacher asked me to come over during tea time so we can celebrate it together. Here are the pictures. 

Afternoon Class
A homemade red velvet cake with less sugar made by a friend
Happy birthday!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Post #0070 - Fast5

Dear Earthlings,
Me and GadgetGeek went for Fast5 after more than a year not going to the Cinema. It was me who did the booking however, the silly thing was, I booked 2 twin seats not realising that I booked 4 seats for two of us. When the price came out, I was surprised that the total was almost the same with Gold Class ticket (need to top up a bit more), but I continued to enter the cc number for payment. 

We ended up having 2 seats for each of us. What a waste! and what more.. we ironically arrived late and missed the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. Hisshh!!

Overall, I rate for 4.5 over 5, because I love the story line. I'm not in the favour of car racing, because we know.. in the end, they surely gripping the finishing line. Cliche'.
But having a reunion on this mission, drew a smile on my face. Satisfied indeed.
Bringing on the old skool!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post #0069 - Day Two : the day that I become a pirate

Dear Earthlings, 
My operation was scheduled at 11am, 19 May 2011. By 9:30am, a nurse came in and asked me to change for OT attire, as well as to take the drugs. 

I was advised to lie down on the bed as soon as I consume the drugs as it makes me drowsy & sleepy. 

At 10:25 am, this picture was taken -
Yes, I forgot how the pain is going to be.  Hence, the smile. 

The Doctor, marked on the upper side of my right eye brow so she will not confuse on which side she needs to operate. 

I was still awake when I was wheeled from the room to the operation theater. But slowly went to "high mode" at the waiting area. 
Since I'm taking GA (General Anesthetic) the drug was in the form of liquid where the Anesthetist jabbed me thru IV. I remember I heard the Anesthetist said "Ubat ni sakit sikit"

Though I was in 'high' mode, I managed to reply, "ok. aduhhh.. sa.." ... (because I can feel the liquid flowed into my nerves and veins. It was so painful)
However, I didn't finish the line as I immediately went to a deep sleep. zzzzz..
(the doctor & the Anesthetist must be saying that this girl will only shut her mouth if she sleeps)

According to GadgetGeek, the nurses sent me to the room around 12:30pm with this look -

Seriously, on that operation day, I talked for 1-2 minutes then dozed off for an hour.. awake for 2-3 minutes, then dozed off again.
The pain killer and antibiotic
Asked the nurse to remove this IV - painful!

Did I mentioned that GadgetGeek left me for his work about half an hour after my operation? and I only get to see him again afternoon next day. Yes, I was alone in the ward which the reason why I keep on checking my office emails.
I was so damn bored!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Post #0068 : Day one - the day that i become a pirate

Dear Earthlings,
Right now, i'm at the hospital. Checked in at 10 am this morning, and did some check ups. By 11:15am, GadgetGeek left me for his meeting. And guess what, i went to my office instead. This is the downside of having office just in front of the hospital. I think i enjoy staying in the office than having the rest in the ward.
Yeah. F.r.e.a.k.
I still cant register myself how painful it's going to be until the doctor in charge mentioned that she will give a week of medical leave. Geez..
I even planned out for a movie on this friday. And i thought she will give me two days mc. *blur gile*

To be on the safe side, i finally asked her how is the operation going to be. Whether there will be stitches after she removes the lumps with blade etc.
So tomorrow i'll be wearing the eye patch. Hahaha. coincidently same date with the launching of pirates of carribean.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Post #0067 - Non Stop toppers

Dear Earthlings, 

I'm scheduled for my operation this Thursday. Will be checking in the hospital on Wednesday as I need to settle of some of my files tomorrow. (oh yeah, i work on public holiday. pfft) 

Anyways, GadgetGeek went to HK and China two weeks ago for his business trip and returned last Thursday. Thought it was just for 7 days, it taught us to be strong in distance relationship. 
Well, at least it reminded us that it is not easy to be apart. 

Mmm.. speaking of my operation day..
Since it clashes with GadgetGeek schedule (he was supposed to have this one meeting in JB) he persuaded me to postpone the operation. However, I couldn't do that because I have been differing the date for the past four weeks due to his schedule. (Derhaka No. 1)  Like, if I postpone it to another date, it won't guarantee that he will be free.

Anyways, the said meeting has been postponed. However, another meeting has been slot in and now he will only take half day leave - which kindda upset me. Technically, after my operation (10am) he will off for the lunch meeting. Though it is just a minor one, I want him to be there.

Right now I'm a bit disappointed (Derhaka No. 2), but please remind me to ask for his forgiveness before I go to the OT :D

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post #0066 : Mid May

Dear Earthlings,
As always, i'm tied up with work. Yeah, like i'm the only who is working in this world. Pfft! Not only that, Youngster #2 was admitted (again) for 6 days due to high fever.

However, i managed to host a mini reunion of primary school - zainab satu (zs) and following day a cousin came over to introduce her fiance to us. Their wedding due early next year, and i believe i will be responsible for her hantaran.

Attended few weddings and birthdays which all these will be published in next entry.
Catch you later alligator!

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