Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post #0228 - Youngster #1 Birthday - soon.

Dear Earthlings, 

A little while ago, I asked Youngster #1 where would she wants to have her birthday at.

Me : Kakak nak buat birthday kat school ke.. kat rumah?
Youngster #1 : Kat rumah boleh.. kat hotel pon ok. 

Did she not hear my option?
Kot ye pon.. agak-agak laa kan. Birthday budak 6 tahun nak buat kat hotel.. Apakahhh?

Fast forward, I asked her again.
This time she CONFIRMED that she want it to be at our new place. 
But she requested -

1) Frozen theme birthday.
2) Clown with balloon sculpture.
3) Face painting.
4) Ice Cream. 
5) Games.
6) Lots and lots of balloon and bubbles.

* Pengsan mak *

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post #0227 - From pale to matte black

Dear Earthlings, 

Bought this side table some time ago, during Ik.ea sale. Was on sale less than RM100, I think. Good bargain isn't ?
HOL Side table IKEA Solid wood, a durable natural material. Practical storage space underneath the table top.

Anyways, in order to match the bed in the guest room (IKEA Hemnes Collection), 
I finally have the time to change the color :

I used the easiest method, which is to spray - by using black matte spray. 
One can covers all the sides with one coat. So, if you want to do multiple coating, prepare to buy plenty of cans. 

The thing is, I was too lazy to cover the area. Hence, I sprayed directly on the wall, grass and creepers. 
3 days has passed, I think GadgetGeek still not realised about this. But I think he will freak out this weekend.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Post #0226 - Finally, we moved in! (I think)

Dear Earthlings, 

Seriously, the finishing are yet to be finished. 
Hahaha.. it was an overdue thingy because the work has been stopped quite some time already. 

Anyways, we had a small kenduri doa selamat on February 2 (Sunday), attended by immediate family, neighbors and few orang masjid. Roughly it was about 50 - 60 people. Small crowd. 

Insha Allah, if time permits (subject to i-Rajin)  we might host another housewarming for extended families and friends. Else, if i-Malas.. mintak maaf banyak-banyak lah mainly because I don't have any helper around. 

So the cleaning process took roughly about 3 days, assisted by my dad's workers, 4 hours of daily maids and my family. The last-minute fixing and wiring was done by my bro-in-law since all the Chinese Contractor has started their CNY Holiday. Quite tiring and stressful phase. 

Selected Alya Jaya Catering  as our caterer (Confirmed by Wednesday), had  nasi tomato package (RM12.50 per head) together with two waiters and additional teh tarik and teh o since our kenduri starts at 10 in the morning. A caterer (dealt with Cik Zak.iah) whom easy to work with as I requested for the additional drinks on Saturday afternoon. Truly recommended. 

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