Friday, December 30, 2011

Post #0162 - Thoughts for Friday

Dear Earthlings,

Have you heard, once bitten twice shy?
Well, when I am upset with a person, I rather walk away or treat the person transparent. Thinking about it also not worth of my time. Silent treatment is on and I will never ever do any favor anymore.

ps - GadgetGeek took his flight this morning (3am local time) and expected to arrive in next 6 hours. Unbelievable.. that's what I said to him.
 Happy Friday everyone!
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post #0161 - You can no longer hold your fart when you reach this age

Dear Earthlings, 

I received a call from GadgetGeek last night, telling that he might get an earlier return flight which either tomorrow night or Saturday morning due to last-minute meeting to be held on the night of new year's eve in KL. His Dubai trip was supposed to be a six days trip, ie - returning on Sunday night. In a way, I'm glad that he didn't let me tag along else, by having a short stay is definitely a waste. Isteri mithali dengar cakap suami. *Barf*

The thing is, I already make my plan for New Year's eve which is to join my family's New Year Eve Dinner organised by my dad's office in Shah Alam. So it clashes when GadgetGeek suggested to spend our last night of 2011 in one of the hotels in KL. 
I can't afford to miss the dinner because I already ordered a dress and a mask (It's a masquerade dinner). Sangat rugi la if I miss it. Then what am I going to do with the dress and mask?? 

After short discussion, our plan MAYBE something like this - 
1) Me - going to the dinner but escape early (around 10pm)
2) GadgetGeek - to the meeting
3) We'll meet up at hotel. 

But I doubt hows the traffic is going to be. 10pm from Shah Alam to KL city with the Youngsters? On the New Year's Eve? I must be mad.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post #0160 - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Earthlings, 

Ever since I got married to GadgetGeek, this is my first time joining his company's dinner. Boohoo! Don't ask me why, but according to him when it comes to work and/or business, he prefers me to be invisible. As I quote - " Behind every successful man there is a wise woman "  (Don't continue telling me "behind the wise woman, there is a mistress"! Last time can joke about it, but this time.. no way jose!)
Well, this pretty much explains why he didn't want me to tag along to Dubai  *Whatever* 

With the venue at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, (almost) everybody was sporting enough to put on their best dress of Harry Potter the movie. 

Speaking of dressing up, I was on undecided mode for the past 3 months. 
Earlier I went to the costume shop thinking of renting the couple costume. Had to ditch the plan as GadgetGeek disagreed. 
Bought a nice beaded cardigan from Somerset Bay on Thursday, but ended up wearing Uniqlo Cardigan which I purchased on the following day. And now the beaded cardigan is resting in my closet with the price tag on it. While GadgetGeek just wore anything that he can find in his closet.

(Some of the pictures taken from website)
We dropped our kids at my family's place in Penchala and arrived at the venue around 8pm.

We were held at the lounge area until the doors were opened and the emcee welcomed us in.

Upon entering, we were auwww-ed seeing what the event manager has done to the hall and the flow of the preliminary event. Complete with the voice, sound and lighting effect, we felt like we were in Hogwarts!

There was more than 20 lucky draws. 
As you can see, we didn't win any though the numbers were reaaaaaallly close to us. No ong laa number 050. Otherwise it's gonna be the first entry that I will brag about it here :P  The first price was a trip to Phuket. Others like, flat screen tv, (2) ipads, camera, hampers, hotel stay, spa etc. 

The best dressed contest, 
The lady in red and the gent in long hair won the contest

Entertained by a number of performances,

Stand up Comedian
"SMART Tunnel is for S* Malaysians Avoiding Road Traffic"

Even the CEO himself delivered a song!

But the most I like was this one -

A wand was circulated around each table, and very (un)fortunate of him to get it. What's important, keep the spirit high.
Good Job hunn! (Yeah, it's easy for me to say. But if it happens to me.. I'll die! DIE! DIE! DIE!)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post #0159 - 5 days to Twenty12

Dear Earthlings, 
Earlier today after I picked up the Youngsters from school, I rang GadgetGeek and put the speaker on so Youngster #1 can say a word or two before GadgetGeek's departure.

Youngster #1 : Where daddy going?
GadgetGeek : To Dubai (I think she heard -"to buy")
Youngster #1 : Buy what?
GadgetGeek : Go to work by aeroplane. What do  you want daddy buy?
Youngster #1 : Fish biscuit. 

Alahai, takat fish biscuit.. kat JayaGrocer blambak!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Post #0158 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

We took the maid for medical check up last week and received the result two days ago. Everything is ok except she got protein in her urine (Scale : *Not detected/Detected/ + / ++ / +++). Hers is ++ and it is an indicator for kidney problem. 
Gadget Geek asked me whether the maid worth to keep or not. If yes, we are willing to go for appeal since it's not a transmitted disease. 

So far she can do work and can follow instructions. But can't really work independently. 
Initially I planned to keep her since I already trained her and everything. But seeing that I'm the one who has to be her alarm clock (We already give her one, but she always put off the alarm) I might think twice on this.

This morning, I woke up at 5am. Wanted to see what time she can wake up by herself (Mind you, during weekend she goes to bed before 8pm since dinner is before 7 while weekdays is around 9pm).
6 o'clock..
6.15 o'clock.
6.30 o'clock.
She yet to wake up. YES! I was boiling hot. Our deal is to wake up at 6. I was like, "tak nak bangun sembahyang ke?" And of course, I do not want to bear her dosa or what not. My dosa is enough already.

Upset I am. This is the ... can't remember how many times already, but it's me who has to knock her door everyday! Please lah. I have two kids already and I don't need another grown up woman for me to babysit. 

To me, having rest for more than ten hours and fail to wake up early is big no-no to me. Even me couldn't have the luxury to rest that much!
When it comes to grocery, there is also request to buy this and that. For her personal munchy-munchy. How demanding is that?

With this kind of attitude, I do not think it's worth to keep. 
This is the reason why I do not want maid at the first place.

Maybe the urine result is the sign for us to let her go, before something goes wrong.
Maybe by letting her go we might get a better one? (Insha Allah)
Who knows kan?
Having a maid is like gambling. You will never know what you will get.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Post #0156 - Sometimes I wish for ________ , until reality kicks in

Dear Earthlings,

So I went to see my Gynae two days ago. Need to see him for consultation before I could go on with my next pregnancy. Did the annual pap smear, ultrasound and found that it is risky for me to get pregnant next year, though the gap is more than 18 months. Despite the risk he mentioned and my on-medication-til-death-do-us-part, it is still ok if I decide to proceed.

Since I was under two spinal block previously, he advised me to be under GA for the next one. This is because he believes that I couldn't bear the pain that I will endure and there was a bit of complication I faced on the last delivery whereby my heart rate dropped and chest compressed. (I thought I was having heart attack!)
With the pain I felt and the recitation of AlFatihah by GadgetGeek, seriously.. that time I thought I was about to die. 
Who says those who have C Section will not feel a thing?

Anyways, most importantly is the condition of my uterus. Through ultra sound he showed how my uterus sticks to my bladder. Sticks here sticks there. Last time same situation, so the Gynae had to do detour in my belly. Hehe.
If I want to have the third pregnancy (which should be my last), he suggest for me to "ikat" (additional cost of RM600-1000) and the only way to get preggie (again) is by doing IVF.
Hmm, is it too early for me to do such? Afterall, I can only have the max of 3.

Last night, upon GadgetGeek returned from his 3 days trip.. we did some discussion and have decided to pass the pregnancy due to the risk. He suggests to concentrate on the two Youngsters especially on Youngster #2. 

Frustrated, Yes I am. I even have designed a maternity dress for the upcoming wedding end next year. 
Takpelah. Maybe there's a reason behind it. 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Post #0155 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

I must be lying if I say that the maid is a tip-top one. 
Despite being obedient, her cleanliness and hygiene is off the chart. As well as her medicine intake. Numerous reminders have to be conveyed. 

When it comes to cleaning, I can only rate - 20% of my cleanliness level. 
Same goes with folding. No wonder she can get the job done in a nick of time. (But better than our ex-Cambodian maid). 
Long weekend is coming. Will need to brush more on these.
May the patience be with me.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post #0154 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

We picked up the maid yesterday afternoon at the Port Klang Immigration. That was our first time reaching the Port Klang Harbour. Nervous we were. 
For those of you who didn't know where the place is, it is nearby the KTM Komuter Port Klang. It's a new building.
We agreed to meet up at the restaurant where I was quite surprised that she is not the maid which the Agent promised. Regardless, what's important.. we believe there must be a reason why Almighty has decided to send this maid to us. I'm praying that she's the best we could have. Insha Allah.

So the Agent (the sweet-talker) told us, that the 'intended maid' is still stuck in Medan as her passport couldn't get through.. bla.. bla.. blaa.. So she resorted with this one - 35 years old, married with 5 kids. Eldest 16 years and the youngest are 4 and 2 years old. She claimed that she works as the house cleaner back in Medan. Never been to Malaysia.

We sighed with relieved. 
Too good to be true, the Agent mentioned that the mother is also working in Petaling Jaya. She has been a maid of 14 years to the same Employer. 
Okay. This part, I'm a bit.. err.. "aisey.."? Afraid that it might be a distraction to her, and a problem to us. 

From Port Kelang we went straight to Damansara where I dropped off GadgetGeek with the maid for overall checkup at one of the clinics. In the mean time, I took the agent to our bird nest as she needs to see the place of the Employer. Surprised with the smallness (850sq ft. ehemm) of our unit, I managed to negotiate - RM550 per month. Yippiee!! Seriously, the agent was *speechless*, as I quote "kecik nya rumah. Saya pon tidak tahu nak tengok apa lagi" said the Agent in her Indo slang.

Then, we went to the mom's place as she needs to drop off few things from kampung. Her mom was excited (of course) seeing her daughter after 3 years absence. Unfortunately, the mom's Employer was not really happy (we can see it in her face.clearly) and bitter. Or in other word - Malas nak layan & sombong to us. What everrrrr. First we thought that we could work together with the mom's Employer so easy for us to monitor etc. But after having the cold treatment, I think we'd scrap it out. Huh. SourGrape.

The Mother also reminded her daughter - "kerja rajin-rajin, jangan kenal orang, jangan keluar rumah"
(I like the mother already!)

Anyways, an aunt remind us to check on the maid's belonging before letting her into the house. Just in case if she brings the 'unwanted' stuff. Also how many clothes and cash she brought in. 
I asked her to take out all the things from the bag and there were clothes, also her kid's dress (to remedy her missing). Kesian kan?

As of todate, so far so good. 
She's obedient and fast learner. 
Taught her how to use a vacuum cleaner, microwave, deep fryer and stove this morning. By evening she can do it herself. 
Today, I left her for 3 hours without instruction except to fold a mountain high clothes (I expect her to finish it by noon - as I always take about 4-5 hours to get it done  :P) When I reached home, it was a total silent. I was like, "Abis laa.. sure tengah tido ni" (our previous maid did that) and it shocked me seeing she was ironing. alhamdulillah. 

Today I didn't teach her "my style" yet. Just letting her to familiarise with things around the house first.. then slowly I will fix her folding and cleaning. Ironing, ok lah. Acceptable. 
Luckily, she knows how to cook. Can see from how she cuts the vege etc. 

Laundry - Washing and drying, are done by me. 
I think it's better for me to do it myself. Maybe later-later lah kot, I might consider to hand-over :)

For now, her timetable is simple.
Roughly, wake up at 6 - Shower, solat, breakfast.
Then vacuum and mopping.
Break at noon. (shower, pray, lunch, rest)
Continue working at two.
Do this, do that.
8pm - Shower, solat and dinner. Clear the kitchen.
9pm (or earlier / as soon as the kitchen is done) can tido already.
So we can have a bit of privacy at the living area for couple of hours :)

When it comes to kids, I have yet to let her to feed the kids - Spoon feed is a must. Sebabnya, dia batuk. So she MUST stay away from the kids, until the cough is relieved.
Same goes with cooking. I have to be extra careful when it comes to cough and flu. Couldn't afford to stay in hospital anymore.

Speaking about outing. We will drop off the kids at my parent's or GadgetGeek's family place. Right now, I don't dare to leave them alone. We @ eliminating risks.

Ok. Stop I must. 
Cannot be so excited and praise too much.
Still on early stage. 

Whatever it is, with what she has showed to me today, I couldn't stop thanking Almighty for this. We hope it is continuous.

On the other note, we just realised that we didn't signed the check out form from the Immigration for the previous maid. Now, it's a problem to us to apply for her working permit. How laa.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post #0152 - (the) words

Dear Earthlings, 

As I quote -
"Bad Planning On Your Part Does Not 
Constitute An Emergency On My Part"

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Post #0151 - Color Pallette

Dear Earthlings, 

I would love to have the walls painted with colors. But I'm afraid that the house will turn out like a nursery. 

Found this website -  I think it's very inspiring and useful. 
Just look at the color tones!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Post #0148 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

So the Agent told us that they will be coming to Malaysia today. However, this morning she called and informed that they can't make it due to the maid's passport. According to her, since maid has left Malaysia quite recent (year 2006) bla.. bla.. bla.. system bla..bla.. bla.. can't process the passport. Bla..bla..bla.. So have to wait a little bit more time. Maybe til next week. Bla..bla..bla..
I said ok. 

Later, I received a call from a friend (whom asked the Agent's number as she wants to get a maid as well) she told me about the Agent and the maid that the Agent offering. 
Ironically, the description matches "my" maid. 

I have a big feeling that the Agent screw up. 

To cut it short. 
I told GadgetGeek about this. 
GadgetGeek is in the opinion that, maybe this is the test from AlMighty. Maybe we did some wrongs and this is the way He makes us pay. 

What ever happens, I believe that it's the best for us. Only Allah knows.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Post #0147 - I've been cranky these days because we are making way to a Stranger - in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

I gave a call to the Agent last week to confirm on the date of arrival. Previously we scheduled for end of the month. For all I know, they pushed it forward and this coming Tuesday is the day!

Nothing much to prepare except to clear out some of the things that we dump in the second room (which we converted to a store room). 

When it comes to spring cleaning, me and GadgetGeek has different definition. To me, spring cleaning is where you sort out, re-organise things etc. But to him, it is where you throw everything out. As I quote, "If you don't use these things in a year, it means you can live without it". wad-de-hek. (Maybe I should consider on throwing his DVD collections since he hasn't touch them for years!)

Since I do labelling and packing, I take my sweet time to finish. While him, just pick and pick. Throw and throw. And keep on bragging how fast he can get the job done. How irritate can it be?

At one time, I was so pissed off because he threw away the ext hard drive (the hard drive belongs to him, but I have few folders inside it)  The hard drive contained thousands of MY (I repeat, MY)  pictures circa 2004 ++.  Only God knows how mad I was, because he threw it straight to the master bin which located at the common area - Garbage Room. AAAaarrgghhhh!! That's why I always prefer not to involve anyone else when it comes to spring cleaning.

After 5 hours of packing, 25 boxes came out from the room and these boxes will be transited to my parents' place in Penchala. Since GadgetGeek went to Johore this morning and only be back tomorrow evening, we have decided to station the boxes at our hallway and will wait for the maid to help us out. Mind you, these 25 boxes only those things which we dump on the floor. Not including stuffs that we placed in the 2 large cupboards. 

You can just imagine how clutter our 850 sq feet unit is with more than 6 years collections.

Anyways, speaking of maid. 
Right now, I don't find it as a necessity to have a maid, unlike GadgetGeek. He feels that we need to spend more time with ourselves and leave the kids with the helper. I think that's the only reason why the maid came in the picture. 

Many invited and uninvited opinions were pushed in my head. Those with practical ones, I definitely count in, others I just switch on the "I-cannot-hear-you" button. I personally and strongly believe that ONLY the MADAM OF THE HOUSE can and should handle the maid. The Husband/Sir is no-no. There is no need to involve the male in any situation.  And NO, I will not treat like a family member. One has to know a boundary between an employer and employee. If you are good, then I may reward you.

Some slashed our idea of sending the kids to the school, instead leaving them to the maid. What can I say.. hmm.. I feel that the kids are safer at school. I'm afraid if the maid run off and leaving the kids behind. That's if she leaves the kids behind, what if she flee off together? Nauzubillah. What more, our unit does not have CCTV.

Seriously, I feel that by having a maid, there is more burden on me especially on monitoring the maid, and I have to start to cook again. Resigned from kitchen since 2009. Not only that, I have to resort the maid out when we want to go for vacation. There is no way we are going to fork out for additional room. Plus, I also have to consider the family gathering, whether or not to bring the maid along.

Yes, it worries me because we are not the best pay employer (RM600 is basic salary. Most people give that much) compared to our cousins who pay a lot to their maids. Some even give more than a thousand per month. You think the maids wont do comparison when they meet up? Ni.. time raya ni.. camne??

With RM600, I (still) think the maid is overpaid. To clean our unit will take less than 2 hours. Kids will be at school. Clothes will be cleaned and dry by washer & dryer. All done by a press of button. 
It will be me who get the dinner ready on the table, tucking the kids to bed. So what's left for the maid? --- Folding and ironing, cleaning, vacuum and mopping, wiping.. lagi apa lagi????

If she complaints that I'm very fussy. Hell yeah, how can I not be fussy when the work around the house is not that much??

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Post #0146 - A retail therapy : Invitation Exclusive Pre Sales Day - Johor Premium Outlet

Dear Earthlings, 

So I went yesterday.

Free parking

It was drizzling by the time we arrived. (How to get there)
Since it was by invitation (Reality : Nobody bother about the invitation. Anyone can come in and out) there are plenty of parking spaces. 

View from Entrance
View from upper floor - Entrance

The layout - 
It's a double storey building with a HUGE parking spots in front of the building. Those who haven't been to (any) Premium Outlet, (if local) it's something like "The Street - The Curve, Petaling Jaya Selangor". The only different, this place is bigger and better.
Not sure whether it's the same size with Bicester Village, London? Nonetheless, Bicester is only single storey.

The one marked with fuschia/purple is known as the High Street - located on the first floor. While the orange, brown, ground floor (Low Street).  

Oh, do you know VALIRAM is one of the tenants here?
Anyways, I recommend to register yourself (JOIN THE VIP CLUB) on the website, and bring the confirmation email to the Information. This is to redeem the VIP discount voucher. Yes, more discounts! They can only give out the VIP Coupon Book provided you present the confirmation email. No confirmation email = No VIP Coupon Book. Get it?!

It can be redeemed any time of the year and can be used any time of the year (too)! Don't ask me what/how is the coupon book looks like because they only going to release it starting 2 December 2011 :)

A place where you get 10 - 65% discount on branded items, all year round. Store listings - here.


Sale wise.. I wouldn't say that it is DIRT cheap or what. A bargain, yes. But to me, I feel that the price is not low enough (to some of the brands/item).

For instance (shops that I can recall), 
1) COACH. 
I heard that you can get for RM400 (after conversion) for RM2000 handbag (in US Outlet). Here, they only offer 50% less. Purse tagged for RM1500 = 50% discount.

2) La Senza.
Real Bargain. 10 panties for RM50 (great gift for bacheloratte party). 2 bras for RM100. Lingeries, night wear selling for RM60. 

3) GAP
Tshirt for kids - RM30. Bottom/Dress RM30-RM60++. Ladies Top starting RM40.
(Those who are looking for long sleeves blouse, there was none. Only long sleeves tshirts and shirts)

4) LEVIs
One pair is about RM109-119. Buy second pair get 50% discount. 

5) FIDANI - chocolate
What I can see, it's about 20% less from duty free shop at airport. 

Wanted to get a handbag here, but they have limited design (for the shoes too). Beware on entering the shop, I don't know what it is but it is something to do with chemical renovation. No smell, but chemical is spread by airborne, so those who are unlucky (like me) can hurt the eyes. According to the contractor 'the thingy' will be gone in a week or two. So they had no choice but to open the door so the air can circulate.

I bought a dri fit pants from NIKE cost about RM130 and happened to know that ADIDAS is selling a lot cheaper - RM70. That day, ADIDAS opened their shop quite late - 1pm.

Depending on the item.


Sales Assistant(s) friendly?
Friendly is an understatement. They (all the stores) are VERYYYY Friendly and Accomodating! At times I feel so RIMAS!

Baby Friendly?
Wide corridor (ground and first floor) for strolling and play area for kids. They also have Family Room. Not only that, they provide stroller (and wheelchair) rental. You can get it at the Information. 

Muslim Friendly?
They have separate surau located near the food court.

The Washroom (located at East and West of the building) -

Food Court - 

(Disclaimer : I have no idea whether the food court is halal or not)

Hope this helps, girls!
(Can't wait for the LEGOLAND - located nearby JPO to be opened next year! )

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