Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post #0103 - Waxing and Threading in Bangsar

Dear Earthlings, 
I am one happy bunny!!

First I got myself waxed at the usual place in Bangsar in less than 30 minutes! For the first time, the pain is .. err.. I wouldn't want to say painless.. err.. but I think it's bearable :) 
No more screaming unlike my previous 6 sessions. But I still do tight grabbing on the extra towel :D

Second, I found a place that can do threading nicely!
Also in Bangsar. 
It all started about 7 years ago with a friend recommendation. And I stick to that one particular threader (Aida) ever since until she returned to Indonesia 2 years ago. 
So for the past two years, I rarely go for threading because I always end up with dissapointment. 

I'm not a picky type of person. But if I want to do threading, my usual request would be - 
1) No skinny eye brows, and
2) No injuries done to my skin.

That's all. 

Then early this year, I tried waxing. Just because I couldn't care less about the shape and I just want it to be trimmed. 
As result, I suffered minor injuries and left me a scar on my left cheek near my lips. 

Then I stop anything that has to do with hair plucking on my face.

Two years have passed and I still can't stick or find a good threader until my feet walked in TARA Beauty House - Located in Jalan Telawi. 
I took the brochure but I believe that the brochure is outdated as it states the old address (near McD). Yet the place that I went is exactly next to KK Shop (From 7-11 Telawi, you can see KK Shop). You have to climb the stairs and the place is at the first floor. I think it's in Jalan Telawi 3.

I was prepared with high tolerance of pain because I know, it will hurt and cause injuries. 
However, I was wrong! The threader (Rani) did it really fine and soft. I don't feel a pain at all!! I have to admit that she is better than Aida. And, I also surprised that for eye brow and upper lip, it only cost me RM10!! (Aida charged me for RM25)
How cheap is that????

I definitely going to stick with this place :)

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