Monday, February 28, 2011

Post #0029 - Hopes March will be a better month after series of unfortunate events.

Dear Earthlings, 

January and February were not been kind to us. We've been checking in and out hospitals so frequent, I'd say at least once a week. How bad is that?

We're lucky because some visits were covered by GadgetGeek company's insurance. Like, Youngster #2 bill (admitted from 12/02/11 until 20/02/11 was billed RM7k++). Otherwise, it's definitely gonna cost us headache. 
Last week alone, 1 visit for me and another for Youngster #2. 
In my recent case, I tried Depo-provera last January. This was my first time in trying out the birth control. The jab  needs to be taken every three months.  As advised by my fav Gynae - Dr. M, I may not get my menstrual during the period. I was happy as a kid when I heard it. 

Anyways 3 weeks later, my menstrual paid me a visit. Normally, it should be cleared by latest a week. But then 2 weeks passed but still didn't subside. So I called up Dr. M. According to him, the jab didn't suit me that's why I had menstrual, but it should be over by 16 days. 

Yet my menstrual still going on. On the third week, I decided to change my Gynae. Going for the closest hospital to my office, which is Tawakkal. I randomly picked Dr. J and he did ultra sound and everything, plus a week medicine to stop the menstrual.

A week has passed but the result was still the same. (It means I'm having menstrual for more than 5 weeks) At that  particular time I was so frustrated because Youngster #2 was sick, and I can't pray. Feel so hopeless.

Finally, went to see him again last week and he tripled the dose. This time, if the menstrual doesn't stop, I need to go for D&C mainly because my uterus is clear but menstrual still on.

I can't imagine how pain it is to go for D&C. That's why I chose  elective ceasarian (twice) just because I'm scared of what ever the Gynae wants to do 'down there'.  

Two days on medication - 
So far so good. 
Tomorrow, another appointment with my Physician.

Please God. I can still bear the hospital visits for me, but for my kids.. I can't take it anymore. 
Hoping for better month.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post #0028 - You know it's about time to..

Dear Earthlings,

I first started to develop my interest over photography since I was little. But left it behind my head until I got my hand on my-very-first-camera-bought-with-my-own-moolah. That was somewhere in 2003. 
Since then, I'm hooked with shuttering!

If I'm not mistaken, it priced around Ringgit Malaysia 1800. And for me (a student during that time) it took quite a BIG chuck out of my pocket. So there it is, my very first own camera - Sony Cybershot P100(5.1 mp) and I chose Red. Just because I want to be different.  

Later, when BigSis moved to Edin.burgh (in 2005), I handed over the said camera to her kids - to be shared by my niece & nephew. For two years, I was out of camera until GadgetGeek presented another set of camera - Sony Cybershot N2. (10.1 mp) on V's day 2007.

Seriously, I'm a sucker when it comes to Megapixels. I'll just get any camera that has the highest MP. To me, Sony cameras are user friendly compared to other brands. Anyways, N2 has been loyal to me ever since, until early this year I noticed.. it's about time for me to get a new one. 
The image started to get blurry each time I want to take picture and it can no more focus well. 
What can I say, it has been with me for more than 4 years.

So now, I think it's about time for me to take the photographer-wannabe to the another level. Currently. I'm eyeing on D90 and D7000. But the problem now is to find a beginner class (and moolah too!),  to learn how to use this gadget. Because I don't want to spend thousands of Ringgit, yet the only function I use is Auto. 
Oh yeah, I'm a Nikonians, (yet to own a Nikon, but dare to call herself Nikonians? pfff!) but GadgetGeek is a Canonians. (His cameras + are all from Canon) How conflicting is that. 

So far, my moolah is still (far-far) away from the budget (a body + lens + ext flash + Crumpler PhotoBag) = (approx RM15k). Hahaha..  Loooooooong way to go babe! Unless someone wants to give it as a gift and/or sponsor. Hehe

Though GadgetGeek wants it to be on him, I'd rather wait another 2 years for this. (because I know, he will keep on pursuading me to go for Canon)
Hmm.. Let see.. Maybe I would re-consider his offer (BUT minus the brand) :P Nahhh, I rather wait. 
(No. It's not an ego thingy. It's just a satisfaction)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post #0027 - PictureLove

Dear Earthlings, 

Unlike my previous blog,  it filled with tonnes of pictures. It is not that I do not want to place any picture here, (and be so-called mysterious and anonymous) but I'm in search for time to re-install photoshop in my notebook. Again, I do not want to simply place any un editted picture. It makes my eyes sore.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Post #0026 - I want to be an adrenaline junkie

Dear Earthlings,

I cannot remember when was the last time I take a really good care of my skin. If I’m not mistaken since I got married, I skipped the entire regime and settle with whatever things that I can get my hands on. From cap ayam to cap itik.

What can I say.. I was too lazy and too occupied with other things. I rarely put on toner or moisturiser when I’m out etc. Truthfully, the last time I went for a facial was in April last year, courtesy BigSis who gave it a treat as my birthday gift.  Before that, I once did my facial a week before my wedding date. That was like, ages ago. Embarrassing isn’t it?

So this year, my new resolution is to take a good care of my skin (though it is already (almost) entering March). Plus, I have reached the big 30 hence, it is definitely a crucial time to save my abandoned skin.  Moreover, I definitely DO NOT want to look older than my age, what more look older than GadgetGeek.  Yeah, I think midlife crisis is kicking in.

Anyways, I’m still searching for a suitable skincare. Anything that can bring my skin back to live, erase wrinkles and last but not least, affordable. For now, I’m settled with SKII, a gift from BigSis. I shall discipline myself and couldn’t wait to see the result.
That is my first project.

Next - To get my body back in shape, and to cut off my fats out of my tummy and regain my packs. I know it’s not easy for me achieve due to rapid weight gain, but most importantly I need to try. Unlike GadgetGeek, I have no confident to enrol myself to fitness centre (and I know I will just going to cuci mata all along) which I think work out at home is sufficient enough. Who knows, I might be an adrenaline junkie soon :P

Speaking of working out at home, we are yet to unwrap wii. (Got it from Lucky draw from "the Drivers Away Day" in Thistle PD). It is still in the box and placed in the store room. Maybe it's about time for me to unwrap it and do some sweating with wii

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post #0025 - In the interpretation of Lost and Gain

Dear Earthlings,
Frankly speaking, I’m not the type who has many friends. As of now, my bff is none other than GadgetGeek. Maybe my past experience has taught me well in gaining friends.
Because some people can be trusted and some are not.
Some are really sincere, others just taking advantage.

Todate, I have chopped off the ones who taking advantages out of me and spare the ones that I value.

I was once posted in my status, sounded more or less like this – “Those who I have invited 3 times, but never turn up shall not be invited again”. Merely I dedicated the said to one/two of my listed friends (But of course, got wrong by others). We were friends since school but things got sour in between.

I’m a bit frustrated with them because they never turn up each time I gave out the invitation. But always turn to me for help. On my part, I never fail to fill their invitations etc. Tired of this, I just have to let it out.
It is not that I’m a snob or selfish. But I think they don’t appreciate my friendship at all. Good to know that they never get in touch with me since then.

Now, this world has become a better place.
See, I told you I can be bee-atch at times. 

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post #0024 - You surely be missed - 2 funerals in 14 days

Dear Earthlings,

: Two weeks ago our family has been surprised with the loss of GadgetGeek great grandmother (TokNek from Kedah). We managed to meet her for the last time in Dam.ansara Specialist Hospital about half an hour before she leaves us forever.

According to GadgetGeek, when he last kissed TokNek, her head was really cold. And during her very last breath, she managed to open her eyes for the last time and glanced at everybody around as a sign of goodbye.

She passed away around 9 o’clock and was bathe around mid night in Kot.a Da.mansara, later escorted back to Alor Se.tar on that very night. The funeral was held before noon at Kampung Suka Menanti.

: GadgetGeek’s grandmother (Nenek from Malacca) has been checking in IJ.N since last month, and was discharged last week. Hence, we planned to go to Malacca this weekend to pay her a visit.
However, Nenek has returned to her Creator yesterday. It was heart breaking for me, though I only managed to know her for few years. She was one cheerful grandmother. I remember, she dondang sayang for Youngster #1 couple years back because according to her, this is what Baba Nyonya do best.

Youngster #1 was saying to her moyang "Smile.. Smile.."

Not only that, last year, she passed me the chicken recipe which happened to be my father in law favourite.  (Unfortunately, I can’t recall because I didn’t jot it down!! Boo hoo!! I thought the recipe will stick in my head) What a loss!!!

We will definitely gonna miss her warm welcome whenever we paid her a visit especially that she never fails to pack some fruits for us from her backyard.


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Post #0021 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings,

Last week I called up my Physician, enquiring the blood test result. Alhamdulillah, everything is normal. So I asked him, "Since it's normal, now I can stop my medication?"
He then said, "No. Your counting is normal because you are on medication. So, please continue your intake"

The feeling - tak best.tak best.tak best.
Who on earth can discipline oneself taking medicine every day? for the rest of her/his life. (Exaggerating) .

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post #0020 - Lined and Lining Up

Dear Earthlings, 

I realised I've been slacking off in updating this story of mine. So many things lined and still lining up for me to run.

February, the month of love is definitely keeps me busy. We spent our first week in BalikPapan, and second (plus third week) in a specialist hospital nursing Youngster #2. I believe we have no further plan on the final week of the month as GadgetGeek will be in Dubai for a business trip (which I supposed to tag along but was last minute cancelled, and my allocation for flight ticket was being replaced with a 50" flat screen. Boo hoo!). Evil spouse.

While I still have the time to blog, let me sort out the events happened/ing. 
  • The BalikPapan Trip    
This is the place where SIL II and her family reside, otherwise we don't think that we will land our feet here. Flew on the second day of February and it took 2.5 hours to reach Sepinggan International Airport from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur.

Filled with joy and laughter, we believe this will not be our first and the last trip here. I also managed to enroll the informal and baking crash course. Simple baking won't do any harm, isn't it?

  • The health of Youngster #2
Upon our return from BalikPapan, we immediately rushed to the A&E because me and the Youngsters were not feeling well. As a result, I got two days mc, courtesy the MO. The Youngsters' fever were gone by the next day. So I sent them to the school (as usual) on the day after. 

Back from School, Youngster #2's temperature shot high up but subside later in the evening. It's been continuously like that since.. I'd say last January? I thought it's normal to get sick when the kids being send to the nursery. I should have be more alert :( GadgetGeek sensed something is wrong and we took him to the hospital a day after - which is on Thursday. The Paed mentioned, if the fever is still there on Saturday, get ready for admission. 
Right after work on Saturday afternoon we went to see the Paed again, along with us is the hospital bag. We were directly sent to the A&E Department for nebulizer (FYI, we've been checking in and out the hospital from Thursday to Friday (2 days) for nebulizing). 

We were quite lucky because able to get a single room there and then, because at the time we request for the room, the Paed Ward was (almost) full house. Then, Youngster #2 were taken to the Treatment Room whereby a swab, blood sample were taken and a drip was given. Surprisingly, he didn't cry at all! Not even a sound. What he did was just smile and giggled with the nurses. (Very different from his big sister. Full with dramas!)

The Paed started the treatment by giving the antibiotics and the fever medicine to keep the temperature down, plus nebulizer for every 4 hours. Two days later, the fever was all gone.

We got the blood test result on the second day which H1N1 swab test and dengue test were found -ve. It definitely gave a huge relief for both of us. On the third day, Paed did the chest x-ray and found that he's suffering from Pneumonia which in a layman term, lungs infection. According to Paed, this is the root problem that caused Youngster #2 been sick on and off.

I was devastated when my mom break the news. (I was at work and my mom was babysitting Youngster #2). Managed to stand on my feet again with the support messages that I've been receiving from friends and GadgetGeek was pretty calm upon hearing it. So now, the treatments are - Nebulizer for every 4 hours and antibiotics for the next 7 days. So far he is responding to the treatments. Alhamdulillah.

It will take 3-4 weeks to fully recover from Pnemonia. As of now, we had no choice but to treat the room that we occupying as homey as possible because this is where we spend our time (for the estimated total of 10 days). Stocked up the fridge, brought many-many extra clothes (though our home is just a stone away) a bolster for Youngster #2 and toys for Youngster #1. 

So in our room, you will see there are one baby cot and two single beds. One for GadgetGeek (and Youngster #1) and one for me, attached next to the cot and many-many toys laying around.  I think our room is the messiest of them all. Todate, we are still in the hospital and have another (at least) 6 days to go! (Praying hard for Youngster #2's health)

We thank you for paying us a visit. (and also Dr. Razak (DSH) and Dr. Soh)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post #0019 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

I know I’m just being a drama queen because the illness that I’m having is not a chronic one (compared to some other people).  But still, having to consume medicine every morning for the rest of my life brings a shock to me. Underneath, I do feel demotivated and depress. And sometimes think that I don't deserve this kind of illness. 

Do you know how hard it is for me to discipline myself in taking the medicine? The tablet needs to be taken at least 30 minutes before meal so it can absorb and be effective. I would normally pop a tablet when I stuck in a traffic on my way to work. But during weekend, I always take after meal, just because I'm one forgetful lady.

Previously I claimed that I don’t feel that healthy. So today, I went for check up (a week earlier from the scheduled date) and I was right. The Dr said the dose that he gave me last month was not enough as my body couldn’t produce antibody at the moment. Hence, he needs to increase the dose. Earlier, I was given with 50 microgram, now he’s giving me the dose of 100; maximum 300 microgram. More than that, a surgery needed to be done.(which I hope not!)

I mentioned to the Dr that I feel very chilly lately. And the Dr told that it’s the symptom. Plus having menstrual for more than a week is also a symptom. He physically checked my feet whether there is any swollen. Syukor, I’m not having one. Phew!
I hate to say this, but my hormone cycle is everywhere and haywire. Sigh.

3 weeks ago, I weighed 46 kilos. Today, my weight is 48. Meaning I gained 2 kilos in less than a month! In a year, I might be able to top up another 22 kilos. Making the total weight of 70 kilos. Yikes, obesity.. here I come! Not to mention.. my belly. My God! I think it measures more than 34"! How can I not be stressed about this? My #2 pre pregnancy waist was around 25", and now the only pants that fits me is my maternity pants, yet I already reached my pre pregnancy weight! I think I have to stop looking at my old pictures.
Oh, extra headache because I need to change my wardrobe.   

I also claimed that I couldn’t sleep well at night. According to the Dr, I’m having JTT symptom. Short term for Jiwa Tak Tenteram. Hurmphh! Other than that, the Dr keep on reminding me not to skip the medication. Or else, mati cepat. Haiyaaa.. 
Very helpful indeed. 

So Dr, I'll be seeing you again in next 30 days! 

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