Friday, August 5, 2011

Post #0090 - Show off : Fashion Valet

Dear Earthlings,
Being typically me, I would think a thousand time before making online purchase, because I knew at the end of the day, I would normally regret on the purchase. This has happened to me so many times without fail! 

One of my earliest online shopping.. I bought a few scarfs. Spent >RM300. Regretted due to bad sewing and material. Then, got myself a jumpsuit. Same thing. Disappointed on the material. 
I ended up tuck the stuffs that I bought into the deep side of my closet. 

Anyways, since Raya is coming (AND) we will be having our Raya in KL *yeay!*  I decided to shop online (again). Well, actually.. it's more because I'm too lazy to go out  because of the puasa.

Speaking of online shopping, I've been viewing FV for quite sometime actually. But never make a purchase. Initially I wanted to buy Sereni Shentel Collections. But after thoughtful consideration, I'd to pass :( No point of having a fancy hairband if I would only wear it at home. 

So on one fine day, not planning to make any purchase.. I viewed FV again, like I always do each time they release new arrivals. This time I spent more time on the Accessories section. 
Then I was torn between these three - 

I like the first pattern, but it's in bronze. And the second and third one, though the design is a bit cluttered, me likey the silvery.

Anyways, (tried to get second opinion from BigSis, but she was in a meeting) with the help of my fashion consultant who is residing in BalikPapan, the one that I picked was the first one :)

The service was superb. Don't let me start on the packaging! Ordered yesterday, arrive today.
I'm one happy customer.

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