Monday, August 22, 2011

Post #0101 - 8 days to go

Dear Earthlings,
We have another 8 days to go before this holy month leaves us. 
I feel that I don't do that much for Ramadhan compared to last year. More to malas actually. Sad isn't it. 

Anyways, it is confirmed that we will be spending our Raya in KL. 
YEAY! Am so happy because it's going to be a Sleep-Eat-TV Raya. No need to face the Raya traffic, the hecticness of visiting, the post trip etc. 
The whole one week to rejuvenate which I couldn't ask for more. 

I know some people might be saying how selfish I am not to balik kampung etc. Or maybe it's just me, but who cares right. 
We already balik Kedah two weeks ago, and will spend our Raya morning at my parent's place in Penchala before we send them to the airport for KB.

For the rest of my sibblings (esp BigSis and LilSis II) my dad had to use his veto power to tell them to balik KB. His line was something like - "Though Mok (our grandma) has passed away, it's the ambience that we have to feel.. yada.. yada.. yada.." His speech went on and on and on..
While LilSis I has no choice because her husband is a Kelantanese :)    

Speaking of balik kampung alternately. 
As far as I can recall - 
2007 - Raya KL (I was down with morning sickness. Spent our Raya morning in Shah Alam)
2008 - Raya Kedah (5 days) & KB 
2009 - Raya KB (3 days) & KL
2010 - Raya KL (Gave birth to Youngster #2 - 10 days before Raya)
2011 - Raya KL

It's nice to balik two kampungs for Raya, but it's a bit costly and by the time we reached next kampung on the third day, most of the families were already returned to KL. Hmm.. maybe we should consider of balik to one kampung only per trip next year* (T&C applies)

Whatever it is, bottom line - We will be celebrating Raya in KL this year!! 

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  1. me tooo!!! tp sedeylaaaa.. uhuk.. takpo.. eleenor pon ado kl!! :)

  2. reeva same here insya'allah will be spending our raya kt kl..last yr dah balik beraya sg petani(hubby's hometown) dulu so this yr raya kt kl dulu...

    kali ini pun raya break 1 week aje sama dgn cuti sekolah..for sure extraordinary jem especially if we plan to go back to kl on sat/sun before school reopens.,tak sanggup berejam-rejam stuck kt nkve from juru to sg buloh..