Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post #0102 - Limited Release

Dear Earthlings,
Remember my last trip to Sg?
Well, I haven't tell you the whole story yet.

During my return trip to KL, I planned to claim for GST at Changi. Being a first timer, I don't know what to expect and just act according to the instruction given by the personnel.

I bought a couple of liquid at the Orchard, and I packed in hand luggage so in case the Customs want to see the product, I can show it to them.

At Changi, I went straight to the GST counter before we check in and got my receipt stamped.

Though I am aware that we can only carry certain number of liquid on board, I kept on carrying my purchase (instead of checking-in). This is due to the first counter (at the terminal) not checking or inspect the product. AND I thought the Customs will make another check at the Departure Hall, since we need to go to another GST Counter to collect the refund.

GST Counter inside the Departure Hall
The drama began when we entered the Departure Gate whereby we need to pass the scanner. The Immigration (i think, or was it the Custom?) denied my belongings - Ie : My purchase of liquid. 

The arguments got heated and we were frustrated with their act (and attitude) because they only stick to the rule instead giving us the solution. Add in salt, they were rude to us. Be it the lady officer and men officers. They were just rude. They don't do any help at all.

In case you are wondering, below are the subject in dispute -
SK II - Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (120 g) and Facial Treatment Essence (250ml)

FYI, the products were sealed and never been opened.

They insisted me to throw it away (are you fish kidding me?) or to divide the liquid into a couple of plastic bags by which we think it doesn't make sense. Either or. 
There is no other way. 

First, the product will deoxydise when we expose the content. Hence, ruin it. 
Second, it is still be the same amount of liquid that we will be carrying on board even if we divide the liquid. Doesn't make any difference.
Third, we believe that there must be a better way to resolve this issue.

GadgetGeek (as always) stands by my side and argued on my behalf. However, seeing that arguing with them was just another waste of time, we ended the argument by leaving the scene.

GadgetGeek then called up the Airport Crew. Explained the situation. Negotiated and we managed to get the stuff on board with limited release.
(Thumbs up to the Changi Airport Crew on their help and being different)

We surrendered the bag to the Airport Crew and they passed the bag to the Air Crew after we boarded. 
We only received the bag-in-issue at the Luggage-Travelator in KLIA. 

Well, it's not that hard actually to assist passengers in need :)

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