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Post #0171 - Wake up call

Dear Earthlings, 

Yesterday we went to see a doctor and got 3 days of mc. Happy? Not really, because we went to see a Cardiologist!
Two nights ago, I had a severe chest and left hand pain (but told my body to hold on until the next morning). Feel like I'm going to die in my sleep (*such a drama*). I think the "over work out" in Bukit Tinggi must have triggered it. Actually I started to feel the pain when I was pregnant with Youngster #1. But since the pain was come and go kinda thing, so it must be "angin" - air passing through my blood vessel. Yes? No? Ehehe, is there such thing?

To be on the safe side, we went to see a Cardiologist in Daman.sara Specialist Hospital. Many was still on Chinese New Year leave, so there were only two doctors available and I chose Dr. D. It's not a nice feeling realising that you were the only the young one in the clinic. They were like - "Are you lost?" or "kesian.."

Actually I feel a bit awkward when GadgetGeek decided to accompany me to the hospital. He cancelled all his meetings (except the 4pm meeting) and want to be there for me (Aw-shucks!). The weird feeling came in because I couldn't remember when was the last time he followed me for check-ups. During my first pregnancy, he never miss any of the appointments. Entering second pregnancy, he only went for two final check-ups. Ie - discussion on date of delivery and the day where he had to sign all the consent form etc. Since then, (I think) he never follow me to the hospital for my checkups except that he always be there when our kids are sick. Ok lah tu kan. Takan nak kena amik cuti sebab meneman je manjang.

Since I joined the BlueCompany, I become more alert with health (I skipped the exercise part) plus encountered so many sakit. Even my boss thinks I'm having mental health - "Hypochondriacs
  • (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness.
  • become unduly alarmed about any physical symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be. They are convinced that they have or are about to have a serious illness.
I'm not sure whether she was joking or just being sarcastic. Hahaha. No hard feeling.
I went to CPR Courses twice last year and I remember that we have to do check up if you feel chest pain/tight chest. It might relate to your heart. 
They also told that if you have "tinggling/pain" especially on left hand, it is also a sign. 
Though I feel the left hand pain, I just ignore it because I'm left handed. Maybe lenguh or something?

Anyhow, registered around 10.30am and managed to see the doctor 2 hours later (it was full house). Explained to the doctor my medical and family history as well as what medication I am on. (Weighed 44.9kg - doesn't mean healthy) He did the preliminary check and asked me to go for blood test, urine test, ECG, stress test and x-ray.   


Getting ready for Stress Test

Many people don't know that Stress Test is for Cardio test. Not when you stress about your job and you want to do Stress Test. Anyways, there are four level in the said test whereby you have to walk/run on treadmill. When one level almost end, a nurse will mention that you have 30 seconds left and countdown for the next level where she will increase the speed. The cardiologist will also be there monitoring and explaining. This test runs for 10 minutes. 

First level was walking stage. Next it was brisk walking. Then running.
I didn't managed to reach the fourth level as I was running out of breath in completing the third one. Tak larat since level two. 

All tests came up normal (Alhamdulillah) except that HDL Cholesterol level is low. I believe it means lack of exercise (It confirms walking in the mall doesn't work!). But most importantly, the heart is normal. The pain might be because of the muscle/bone swelling near the heart area. The cause might be because of the body posture/lifting heavy things. 

We were done around 2.30pm and out with Celebrex 200mg for 5 days. Follow up next week. If the pain didn't subside, then need to do some other test. (Perhaps I should try alternative medicines. Mana lah tau kot kot ada orang dengki?)

Ok, have to start the ball rolling this weekend!

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