Friday, January 7, 2011

Post #0013 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

I don’t know whether to look it at the bright side or not.
Well, it started when me and GadgetGeek underwent medical check up for our Residence facility insurance application.  If anything happen between 3-5 years from now, the Takaful insurance will cover our facility 100%.  

We went for medical check up at the bank’s panel clinic sometime in mid December last year. GadgetGeek passed the check up, however I didn’t make it. There was something wrong with my blood count etc. Disappointed with the result, I went for second opinion.. merely because the result was contradicting from the last I got in early November.  Plus I was a little bit reluctant to pay the medical check up penalty since I failed the test. FYI, the penalty is more than RM Three Thousand, you know. Isn’t it expensive?

So yesterday I went to Ta.wakal since it’s located behind my office. Got to see the Physician & Rheumatologist and run few tests.  The preliminary and physical test was done at the clinic, while  blood and ultrasound test were done at the lab.  
After I completed the tests, I returned to the office and came back to the hospital about 5 hours later.
 The blood count and the ultrasound test proved that it is a confirmed and positive case. There is a little bit of swelling, a mild one, and the doctor told me that the swelling is still new. Average about 1-2 months old. 

As mentioned by Dr. S, to treat it as a good news because of the early detection. Hence can do drug intake. The bad news is, I’m on medication for the rest of my life : ( If things got worse, then surgery is needed.. which I hope not!
For a start he gave me 50micrograms dose. According to him, if it is untreated, the person will only have about 3-5 years to live because it is a silent death. The moment you know, you will passed out, comma and tata.

GadgetGeek is in opinion that my work stress triggered it of, for the reason that it occurs the moment I started working. Well, the truth is.. it is not because of the lifestyle nor food. Mainly because it runs in the family.
I guess there is nothing much I can do about it?? No matter how particular I take care of my health etc, the chances are still high, right?

The side effect of this I will lose my appetite, but will gain weight rapidly, freezing most of the time, sleepy, exhausted, forgetful and some other things that are not so pleasant to hear. Hopefully the drugs will balance it out.
No wonder I feel so exhausted lately. Every night, I go to bed by 8.30pm or 9pm the latest. I thought it was due to my hectic schedule - got up at 6, rush here and there etc.

Anyways, today I went to Amp.ang Put.ri and managed to get myself protected. Took Rubella shot as well as pap smear for the cervical cancer etc. The result will be out in next 7 days. According to my Gynae – Dr. M, there is a tendency of miscarriage if I get pregnant due to this illness. Hence, the pregnancy has to be closely monitored.  

To me, I’m still disbelieve.  

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  1. errkk.. how come i missed this post... worried me also rv.. what the hell happened here? hope everything goes well for u deh.. take care