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Post #0167 - Customer -vs- TM (Unifi & Streamyx)

Dear Earthlings, 

First of all, we are one TM loyal customer.
GadgetGeek subscribed to Streamyx for more than 5 years - never fail to make payment (via auto bill payment) and starting last year we decided to subscribe Unifi
In order to subscribe Unifi, their personnel has to come over to do the installation etc. For that one, we had to wait for almost a month? or was it couple of months? can't remember.

Anyways, first we subscribed to 5Mbps. Paid deposit. 
However, during the first month the connection was not so good. Ie - Still slow. Not much difference with Streamyx. 
So we upgraded to 10Mbps. Another deposit paid. (We had to pay deposit twice)

For few months the connection went well until late November 2011, the line was disconnected. Called up the Centre (1 300 88 1221) and were surprised to know that our account have outstanding of > RM1000-00. It's like we never make any payment before. 

Lodged complaint and discovered that we've been paying to the wrong account. (They also acknowledge that we shouldn't pay the Unifi deposit twice) As far as we concerned, when you are subscribe to Unifi, your Streamyx account will be cancelled. So, if our Streamyx account is already cancelled, how can it accept any payment? How can the payment went through?
Afterall, we NEVER receive any bill statement via post/email. That explains why we paid by using the old account. After we lodged the complaint, the Unifi was reconnected. 

A month later (December 2011), the line was disconnected again. Deja Vu. Same reason. 
So GadgetGeek had to call up the Centre again. Wait for the call to be picked up. Had to explain all over again. Same story. Very frustrating. (Mind you, it is not cheap to pay for 1-300 number)

Was told that they will take about 3 months to do the investigation. Bla-bla-bla. 
The best thing was, the Personnel said that the previous Personnel who attended to our earlier complaint forgot to push the dispute button. Something like that lah. That's why the disconnection occured. Nonetheless, they said they will reconnect the line since we never miss any payment except it was paid to the wrong account.
(Gadget was this close to cancel the account and switch to IPTV Astro. (Ironically, they are cheaper too!)

2 weeks have passed, the line was still disconnected (though we paid to Unifi Account in  December '11). You know, it's unfair for us not to have 2 weeks of service yet paying for the full month of service. Tired of this, I called up TM (instead of Unifi/Streamyx). Spoke to Ms. ** from Credit Department. Explained the situation and how many complaints that we have made. 

The money paid to Streamyx account can't be refunded, hence they will transfer the amount straight to Unifi account (which we don't mind at all). That was her answer when I asked how to get back the overpaid money as I want to use it to pay the Unifi. 
To me that is one of the easiest and fastest way to reconnect our line since Unifi wants us to settle the outstanding (but keep on using excuse that Streamyx and Unifi are two different entity. So settle the Unifi account first, Streamyx later and the investigation will take 3 months). 

I believe our case is simple [Customer paid to the wrong account - Transfer the amount from Streamyx to Unifi account since it is under one roof] and it should be resolved not more than three days.
Ms. ** told me that she will take my complaint to the management and try to reconnect.

Next morning we checked that the line has been reconnected. 
And surprisingly, later that afternoon Ms ** from TM gave a courtesy call informing that they have reconnect the line :) (Thank you Ms **)
See, how small things can lift up TM image (?) despite how deep our heartache were.

We shall see how will Unifi treat us in January/February. Will the line get disconnected again?

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