Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post #0168 - Pink is the love at first sight

Dear Earthlings, 

I did my monthly waxing and threading at my favourite place in Bangsar today. I was all happy because the threading cost me RM10 only (eye brows, upper lips and chin) (still  disbelieve)

until I reached home - 

Found that our old stove has been replaced with a new one! Couldn't be happier!

Early this month, GadgetGeek bought a replacement stove for our kitchen since the old one has gone kaput. The burner literally melt and the cooking is not fun anymore (since when I love cooking?). Anyways, GadgetGeek bought the wrong size. The new one is bigger than what we have in the kitchen. Hence, it can't fit in our cabinet.
Can't return to the shop because the duration has already lapsed. 

Our favourite came to the rescue. 

So what he did.. He sawed our cabinet. 
Yes, you heard me right. He sawed our cabinet. I think he used something like this - 

Sawed here and there, and wallah! It fits in. Perfectly.

I rest my comment when it comes to cleaning. 

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