Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post #0162 - End 2011 and Beginning of 2012

Dear Earthlings, 

We managed to sort out the kids for the New Year's Eve Dinner after the dramas and all.

The Dinner was held in Shah Alam Convention Centre and I was there for merely two hours  because later I need to rush to KL City Centre. 

Personalised Mask by Evon T -

In my  case, I specifically mentioned to Evon that I do not want any artificial flower. And she definitely gave me the best out of it :)  In a glance, it looks like a bird's head with combination of ice queen. hahhaha

I thought the traffic is going to be heavy, but ironically not! It was smooth (from Shah Alam until Jalan Tun Razak, and it was slow moving (but not bumper to bumper around KLCC area) and we managed to reach the hotel within 40 minutes drive. Unbelievable.

Separately, I checked in Impiana as we arrived just minutes before midnight while GadgetGeek celebrated his new year at Royale Chulan with his friends as he's already in KL since lunch. 

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