Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post #0170 - Phycho this. Physcho that. I need my ubat.

Dear Earthlings, 

I always take things lightly. Like, seriously.
For instance, getting pregnant and the delivery. 
I always think that getting pregnant and giving birth is one easy thing.
Literally easy. We did it one shot, and there you are. The test was positive.  Everything was well-planned.
In my two pregnancies & deliveries, I never feel any contraction. So I don't know how painful it is. 

I remember, a week before Youngster #1 due (week 39), though there was no pain/contraction but the doctor suggested to induce. I went back and told my mom that I wanted to induce the delivery (where at that point of time I have no idea what is inducement is all about). As expected, my mom lectured me. She told me it is not that easy to give birth. bla..bla..bla.. She briefed me the procedure etc. (ooo.. sakit eh?)

Anyhow, 3 days before the delivery we did the istiqarah and received the signs to go for Caesarean. It was definitely one of the best decisions we made because the doctor also admit that we did the right thing. With cord around the neck (2 rounds) there is no way the baby could survive normal delivery. The cord was tight and the doctor had to release the cord inside my tummy prior lifting the baby. Talking about experience in labour room operation theatre. Eheh.

The funny part was, before I was wheeled to the OT, I told the rest of the family - "Jumpa lagi lepas ni". Huh. Apa punya statement. 

Beautiful shot by GadgetGeek

For Youngster #2 delivery, I had one smooth pregnancy. There was not even a day of morning sickness, unlike the first one. I totally forgot about the post delivery pain, which I can only recall on the morning itself. (girls can be bimbs at times)

I can only recall the pain when I saw the bed - 2 hours before operation. pffft.

As I mentioned before, I planned for the third pregnancy when Youngster #2 reaches 18 months old (which is next month). But since I want the date of birth to be on public holiday December 2012/January 2013, I must get pregnant in March.(Physcho isn't it? Who cares)

I went to see my gynae last month. His advise was okay for me to proceed, but there are risks. Better to wait. Something like that lah. We did a little discussion and GadgetGeek prefer to differ the pregnancy to some other year. To me, I just want to get it done and over with. So I agreed to postpone, until last night this topic came up again. 

We were talking about having year end trip and he said, "boleh, provided you tak pregnant". Err.. what's that supposed to mean? Is it, ok to be pregnant? Yes? No? I don't know. Maybe I should flip coin.

See, I don't really think beyond the pregnancy. Not even considering about the risks. Never think the possibilities of postpartum bleeding which can end lives. Or even the gynae's warnings. Bottom line, I just want another kid this year.  

Anyways, now leaving you with the story of what I always dream during my pregnancies. Do you believe that you might get what you want when you are pregnant? Well, I do!

1) I always want my daughter to have straight + curly wurly hair. And Almighty gave her - 

2) I love boys who have curly hair. I find they are too cute!

One of my favourite - My cousin's son. 


Yoshy's mommy

And AlMighty gave Youngster #2 -

Ok fine. I'm exaggerating. GadgetGeek has a bit of curly hair, same goes with my dad. So it explains the curly wurly of Youngster #2 :D

Having life with two of them are just perfect.

I have to learn how to be grateful.

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