Monday, January 23, 2012

Post #0169 - Bukit Tinggi Trip

Dear Earthlings, 

Bro-in-Law I and his family stayed over at our place because we promised the Youngsters to go to the Rabbit Park, Bukit Tinggi. The weather was humid and there were so many people (it was on the First Day of Chinese New Year). (Btw sangat menyampah pada Bukit Tinggi Traffic Controller. Tak boleh nak ada power sikit)

Had our lunch at Colmar Tropicale. Food and service not so good; ironically the bill came with the total around RM150.
Youngster #1 begged us to buy her bubble gun but we sticked to our decision not getting her one (proud of it) because she misbehaved during lunch.  Spoil too much already.

Regardless, I know I'm in trouble when I was struggling to climb up the hill heading to the Japanese Garden from parking lot. (Actually, climbing to second floor also a problem to me) GadgetGeek said I need to do some cardio exercise and he thinks I'm full with cholestrol. Bla.bla.bla. And my reply was -


I don't understand why she was so happy. I was barely catch my breath!

We spent about 1.5 hours here and ended our trip at Rabbit Park. Paid the entrance fee - RM3 Adult/Child (Age 3-12) and the Youngsters were freely roaming the park.

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