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Post #0088 - KUL to SG : SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Dear Earthlings, 
WARNING : Pictures overload.
We went to Esplanade to watch the light show at the Marina Bay Sands. The show starts at 8pm every night. Not sure how many minutes was the show, but I think it was around 20 minutes.

Beautiful isn't it?

On the next day, we decided to walk from our hotel to Marina Bay Sands. Since it was near to Sg. Independence Day, they closed down few roads making way for the rehearsal, hence causing us to detour.
The bridge connecting to the Marina Bay Sands
Cant remember the name of this place. Was it Science Ctr?

The weather was so hot! We immediately make our way straight to the mall - Free air cond :P

Went in few shops & cafes - 
Believe it or not, someone fell down into this pool
Then to the SkyPark -
Located at Tower 3

You actually have to get out from the Mall and proceed to the next tower. A bit tricky, but you can get the direction from the Information Counter. The man in charge was very well verse with the area (though the area is still new). Thumbs up!

There was not so many people queuing for the ticket, so we got ours in a nick of time.
Paid S$20 each

And wallah.. !

Picture anyone?

Right from the exit, you will see this view - 
New projects coming up. (mid right is actually a Dam)

Few more steps to the main observation deck -

Truthfully, I was disappointed to see that the decking is not like I was hoping for, though it's huge. I know that's what  observation deck is all about, but I I feel that it's 'too empty' and so humid.
Or maybe it is just me.

The souvenir shop -

More view -

Also the one that I always check on - the toilet!

Again, I was dissappointed. Their toilets were so simple (and smelly - due to many users. Euwww!) and I was hoping that they have a lavish toilet. Perhaps (at least) together with a butler because I have been planting my mind with 6 stars service. 
Just like the one that we have in our very own KLCC premier toilet - a butler, perfumes etc :)

Actually, that was all about it. 
Which I think S$20 each is a total rip off. We were informed that the visitors are not allowed to go to the hotel area (basically the infinity pool) Boo hoo!

However, we followed the crowd and managed to be at the pool area.
This is the most that you can see from the deck
The infinity pool
The Jacuzi

Now playing : Adele - Rolling In The Deep

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