Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post #0019 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

I know I’m just being a drama queen because the illness that I’m having is not a chronic one (compared to some other people).  But still, having to consume medicine every morning for the rest of my life brings a shock to me. Underneath, I do feel demotivated and depress. And sometimes think that I don't deserve this kind of illness. 

Do you know how hard it is for me to discipline myself in taking the medicine? The tablet needs to be taken at least 30 minutes before meal so it can absorb and be effective. I would normally pop a tablet when I stuck in a traffic on my way to work. But during weekend, I always take after meal, just because I'm one forgetful lady.

Previously I claimed that I don’t feel that healthy. So today, I went for check up (a week earlier from the scheduled date) and I was right. The Dr said the dose that he gave me last month was not enough as my body couldn’t produce antibody at the moment. Hence, he needs to increase the dose. Earlier, I was given with 50 microgram, now he’s giving me the dose of 100; maximum 300 microgram. More than that, a surgery needed to be done.(which I hope not!)

I mentioned to the Dr that I feel very chilly lately. And the Dr told that it’s the symptom. Plus having menstrual for more than a week is also a symptom. He physically checked my feet whether there is any swollen. Syukor, I’m not having one. Phew!
I hate to say this, but my hormone cycle is everywhere and haywire. Sigh.

3 weeks ago, I weighed 46 kilos. Today, my weight is 48. Meaning I gained 2 kilos in less than a month! In a year, I might be able to top up another 22 kilos. Making the total weight of 70 kilos. Yikes, obesity.. here I come! Not to mention.. my belly. My God! I think it measures more than 34"! How can I not be stressed about this? My #2 pre pregnancy waist was around 25", and now the only pants that fits me is my maternity pants, yet I already reached my pre pregnancy weight! I think I have to stop looking at my old pictures.
Oh, extra headache because I need to change my wardrobe.   

I also claimed that I couldn’t sleep well at night. According to the Dr, I’m having JTT symptom. Short term for Jiwa Tak Tenteram. Hurmphh! Other than that, the Dr keep on reminding me not to skip the medication. Or else, mati cepat. Haiyaaa.. 
Very helpful indeed. 

So Dr, I'll be seeing you again in next 30 days! 

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  1. sis, we need a girls' nite out!! maybe that would cheer u up ;)