Friday, February 25, 2011

Post #0026 - I want to be an adrenaline junkie

Dear Earthlings,

I cannot remember when was the last time I take a really good care of my skin. If I’m not mistaken since I got married, I skipped the entire regime and settle with whatever things that I can get my hands on. From cap ayam to cap itik.

What can I say.. I was too lazy and too occupied with other things. I rarely put on toner or moisturiser when I’m out etc. Truthfully, the last time I went for a facial was in April last year, courtesy BigSis who gave it a treat as my birthday gift.  Before that, I once did my facial a week before my wedding date. That was like, ages ago. Embarrassing isn’t it?

So this year, my new resolution is to take a good care of my skin (though it is already (almost) entering March). Plus, I have reached the big 30 hence, it is definitely a crucial time to save my abandoned skin.  Moreover, I definitely DO NOT want to look older than my age, what more look older than GadgetGeek.  Yeah, I think midlife crisis is kicking in.

Anyways, I’m still searching for a suitable skincare. Anything that can bring my skin back to live, erase wrinkles and last but not least, affordable. For now, I’m settled with SKII, a gift from BigSis. I shall discipline myself and couldn’t wait to see the result.
That is my first project.

Next - To get my body back in shape, and to cut off my fats out of my tummy and regain my packs. I know it’s not easy for me achieve due to rapid weight gain, but most importantly I need to try. Unlike GadgetGeek, I have no confident to enrol myself to fitness centre (and I know I will just going to cuci mata all along) which I think work out at home is sufficient enough. Who knows, I might be an adrenaline junkie soon :P

Speaking of working out at home, we are yet to unwrap wii. (Got it from Lucky draw from "the Drivers Away Day" in Thistle PD). It is still in the box and placed in the store room. Maybe it's about time for me to unwrap it and do some sweating with wii

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