Monday, February 28, 2011

Post #0029 - Hopes March will be a better month after series of unfortunate events.

Dear Earthlings, 

January and February were not been kind to us. We've been checking in and out hospitals so frequent, I'd say at least once a week. How bad is that?

We're lucky because some visits were covered by GadgetGeek company's insurance. Like, Youngster #2 bill (admitted from 12/02/11 until 20/02/11 was billed RM7k++). Otherwise, it's definitely gonna cost us headache. 
Last week alone, 1 visit for me and another for Youngster #2. 
In my recent case, I tried Depo-provera last January. This was my first time in trying out the birth control. The jab  needs to be taken every three months.  As advised by my fav Gynae - Dr. M, I may not get my menstrual during the period. I was happy as a kid when I heard it. 

Anyways 3 weeks later, my menstrual paid me a visit. Normally, it should be cleared by latest a week. But then 2 weeks passed but still didn't subside. So I called up Dr. M. According to him, the jab didn't suit me that's why I had menstrual, but it should be over by 16 days. 

Yet my menstrual still going on. On the third week, I decided to change my Gynae. Going for the closest hospital to my office, which is Tawakkal. I randomly picked Dr. J and he did ultra sound and everything, plus a week medicine to stop the menstrual.

A week has passed but the result was still the same. (It means I'm having menstrual for more than 5 weeks) At that  particular time I was so frustrated because Youngster #2 was sick, and I can't pray. Feel so hopeless.

Finally, went to see him again last week and he tripled the dose. This time, if the menstrual doesn't stop, I need to go for D&C mainly because my uterus is clear but menstrual still on.

I can't imagine how pain it is to go for D&C. That's why I chose  elective ceasarian (twice) just because I'm scared of what ever the Gynae wants to do 'down there'.  

Two days on medication - 
So far so good. 
Tomorrow, another appointment with my Physician.

Please God. I can still bear the hospital visits for me, but for my kids.. I can't take it anymore. 
Hoping for better month.

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