Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post #0024 - You surely be missed - 2 funerals in 14 days

Dear Earthlings,

: Two weeks ago our family has been surprised with the loss of GadgetGeek great grandmother (TokNek from Kedah). We managed to meet her for the last time in Dam.ansara Specialist Hospital about half an hour before she leaves us forever.

According to GadgetGeek, when he last kissed TokNek, her head was really cold. And during her very last breath, she managed to open her eyes for the last time and glanced at everybody around as a sign of goodbye.

She passed away around 9 o’clock and was bathe around mid night in Kot.a Da.mansara, later escorted back to Alor Se.tar on that very night. The funeral was held before noon at Kampung Suka Menanti.

: GadgetGeek’s grandmother (Nenek from Malacca) has been checking in IJ.N since last month, and was discharged last week. Hence, we planned to go to Malacca this weekend to pay her a visit.
However, Nenek has returned to her Creator yesterday. It was heart breaking for me, though I only managed to know her for few years. She was one cheerful grandmother. I remember, she dondang sayang for Youngster #1 couple years back because according to her, this is what Baba Nyonya do best.

Youngster #1 was saying to her moyang "Smile.. Smile.."

Not only that, last year, she passed me the chicken recipe which happened to be my father in law favourite.  (Unfortunately, I can’t recall because I didn’t jot it down!! Boo hoo!! I thought the recipe will stick in my head) What a loss!!!

We will definitely gonna miss her warm welcome whenever we paid her a visit especially that she never fails to pack some fruits for us from her backyard.


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