Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post #0025 - In the interpretation of Lost and Gain

Dear Earthlings,
Frankly speaking, I’m not the type who has many friends. As of now, my bff is none other than GadgetGeek. Maybe my past experience has taught me well in gaining friends.
Because some people can be trusted and some are not.
Some are really sincere, others just taking advantage.

Todate, I have chopped off the ones who taking advantages out of me and spare the ones that I value.

I was once posted in my status, sounded more or less like this – “Those who I have invited 3 times, but never turn up shall not be invited again”. Merely I dedicated the said to one/two of my listed friends (But of course, got wrong by others). We were friends since school but things got sour in between.

I’m a bit frustrated with them because they never turn up each time I gave out the invitation. But always turn to me for help. On my part, I never fail to fill their invitations etc. Tired of this, I just have to let it out.
It is not that I’m a snob or selfish. But I think they don’t appreciate my friendship at all. Good to know that they never get in touch with me since then.

Now, this world has become a better place.
See, I told you I can be bee-atch at times. 

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