Friday, December 23, 2011

Post #0156 - Sometimes I wish for ________ , until reality kicks in

Dear Earthlings,

So I went to see my Gynae two days ago. Need to see him for consultation before I could go on with my next pregnancy. Did the annual pap smear, ultrasound and found that it is risky for me to get pregnant next year, though the gap is more than 18 months. Despite the risk he mentioned and my on-medication-til-death-do-us-part, it is still ok if I decide to proceed.

Since I was under two spinal block previously, he advised me to be under GA for the next one. This is because he believes that I couldn't bear the pain that I will endure and there was a bit of complication I faced on the last delivery whereby my heart rate dropped and chest compressed. (I thought I was having heart attack!)
With the pain I felt and the recitation of AlFatihah by GadgetGeek, seriously.. that time I thought I was about to die. 
Who says those who have C Section will not feel a thing?

Anyways, most importantly is the condition of my uterus. Through ultra sound he showed how my uterus sticks to my bladder. Sticks here sticks there. Last time same situation, so the Gynae had to do detour in my belly. Hehe.
If I want to have the third pregnancy (which should be my last), he suggest for me to "ikat" (additional cost of RM600-1000) and the only way to get preggie (again) is by doing IVF.
Hmm, is it too early for me to do such? Afterall, I can only have the max of 3.

Last night, upon GadgetGeek returned from his 3 days trip.. we did some discussion and have decided to pass the pregnancy due to the risk. He suggests to concentrate on the two Youngsters especially on Youngster #2. 

Frustrated, Yes I am. I even have designed a maternity dress for the upcoming wedding end next year. 
Takpelah. Maybe there's a reason behind it. 

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