Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post #0154 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

We picked up the maid yesterday afternoon at the Port Klang Immigration. That was our first time reaching the Port Klang Harbour. Nervous we were. 
For those of you who didn't know where the place is, it is nearby the KTM Komuter Port Klang. It's a new building.
We agreed to meet up at the restaurant where I was quite surprised that she is not the maid which the Agent promised. Regardless, what's important.. we believe there must be a reason why Almighty has decided to send this maid to us. I'm praying that she's the best we could have. Insha Allah.

So the Agent (the sweet-talker) told us, that the 'intended maid' is still stuck in Medan as her passport couldn't get through.. bla.. bla.. blaa.. So she resorted with this one - 35 years old, married with 5 kids. Eldest 16 years and the youngest are 4 and 2 years old. She claimed that she works as the house cleaner back in Medan. Never been to Malaysia.

We sighed with relieved. 
Too good to be true, the Agent mentioned that the mother is also working in Petaling Jaya. She has been a maid of 14 years to the same Employer. 
Okay. This part, I'm a bit.. err.. "aisey.."? Afraid that it might be a distraction to her, and a problem to us. 

From Port Kelang we went straight to Damansara where I dropped off GadgetGeek with the maid for overall checkup at one of the clinics. In the mean time, I took the agent to our bird nest as she needs to see the place of the Employer. Surprised with the smallness (850sq ft. ehemm) of our unit, I managed to negotiate - RM550 per month. Yippiee!! Seriously, the agent was *speechless*, as I quote "kecik nya rumah. Saya pon tidak tahu nak tengok apa lagi" said the Agent in her Indo slang.

Then, we went to the mom's place as she needs to drop off few things from kampung. Her mom was excited (of course) seeing her daughter after 3 years absence. Unfortunately, the mom's Employer was not really happy (we can see it in her face.clearly) and bitter. Or in other word - Malas nak layan & sombong to us. What everrrrr. First we thought that we could work together with the mom's Employer so easy for us to monitor etc. But after having the cold treatment, I think we'd scrap it out. Huh. SourGrape.

The Mother also reminded her daughter - "kerja rajin-rajin, jangan kenal orang, jangan keluar rumah"
(I like the mother already!)

Anyways, an aunt remind us to check on the maid's belonging before letting her into the house. Just in case if she brings the 'unwanted' stuff. Also how many clothes and cash she brought in. 
I asked her to take out all the things from the bag and there were clothes, also her kid's dress (to remedy her missing). Kesian kan?

As of todate, so far so good. 
She's obedient and fast learner. 
Taught her how to use a vacuum cleaner, microwave, deep fryer and stove this morning. By evening she can do it herself. 
Today, I left her for 3 hours without instruction except to fold a mountain high clothes (I expect her to finish it by noon - as I always take about 4-5 hours to get it done  :P) When I reached home, it was a total silent. I was like, "Abis laa.. sure tengah tido ni" (our previous maid did that) and it shocked me seeing she was ironing. alhamdulillah. 

Today I didn't teach her "my style" yet. Just letting her to familiarise with things around the house first.. then slowly I will fix her folding and cleaning. Ironing, ok lah. Acceptable. 
Luckily, she knows how to cook. Can see from how she cuts the vege etc. 

Laundry - Washing and drying, are done by me. 
I think it's better for me to do it myself. Maybe later-later lah kot, I might consider to hand-over :)

For now, her timetable is simple.
Roughly, wake up at 6 - Shower, solat, breakfast.
Then vacuum and mopping.
Break at noon. (shower, pray, lunch, rest)
Continue working at two.
Do this, do that.
8pm - Shower, solat and dinner. Clear the kitchen.
9pm (or earlier / as soon as the kitchen is done) can tido already.
So we can have a bit of privacy at the living area for couple of hours :)

When it comes to kids, I have yet to let her to feed the kids - Spoon feed is a must. Sebabnya, dia batuk. So she MUST stay away from the kids, until the cough is relieved.
Same goes with cooking. I have to be extra careful when it comes to cough and flu. Couldn't afford to stay in hospital anymore.

Speaking about outing. We will drop off the kids at my parent's or GadgetGeek's family place. Right now, I don't dare to leave them alone. We @ eliminating risks.

Ok. Stop I must. 
Cannot be so excited and praise too much.
Still on early stage. 

Whatever it is, with what she has showed to me today, I couldn't stop thanking Almighty for this. We hope it is continuous.

On the other note, we just realised that we didn't signed the check out form from the Immigration for the previous maid. Now, it's a problem to us to apply for her working permit. How laa.

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