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Post #0147 - I've been cranky these days because we are making way to a Stranger - in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

I gave a call to the Agent last week to confirm on the date of arrival. Previously we scheduled for end of the month. For all I know, they pushed it forward and this coming Tuesday is the day!

Nothing much to prepare except to clear out some of the things that we dump in the second room (which we converted to a store room). 

When it comes to spring cleaning, me and GadgetGeek has different definition. To me, spring cleaning is where you sort out, re-organise things etc. But to him, it is where you throw everything out. As I quote, "If you don't use these things in a year, it means you can live without it". wad-de-hek. (Maybe I should consider on throwing his DVD collections since he hasn't touch them for years!)

Since I do labelling and packing, I take my sweet time to finish. While him, just pick and pick. Throw and throw. And keep on bragging how fast he can get the job done. How irritate can it be?

At one time, I was so pissed off because he threw away the ext hard drive (the hard drive belongs to him, but I have few folders inside it)  The hard drive contained thousands of MY (I repeat, MY)  pictures circa 2004 ++.  Only God knows how mad I was, because he threw it straight to the master bin which located at the common area - Garbage Room. AAAaarrgghhhh!! That's why I always prefer not to involve anyone else when it comes to spring cleaning.

After 5 hours of packing, 25 boxes came out from the room and these boxes will be transited to my parents' place in Penchala. Since GadgetGeek went to Johore this morning and only be back tomorrow evening, we have decided to station the boxes at our hallway and will wait for the maid to help us out. Mind you, these 25 boxes only those things which we dump on the floor. Not including stuffs that we placed in the 2 large cupboards. 

You can just imagine how clutter our 850 sq feet unit is with more than 6 years collections.

Anyways, speaking of maid. 
Right now, I don't find it as a necessity to have a maid, unlike GadgetGeek. He feels that we need to spend more time with ourselves and leave the kids with the helper. I think that's the only reason why the maid came in the picture. 

Many invited and uninvited opinions were pushed in my head. Those with practical ones, I definitely count in, others I just switch on the "I-cannot-hear-you" button. I personally and strongly believe that ONLY the MADAM OF THE HOUSE can and should handle the maid. The Husband/Sir is no-no. There is no need to involve the male in any situation.  And NO, I will not treat like a family member. One has to know a boundary between an employer and employee. If you are good, then I may reward you.

Some slashed our idea of sending the kids to the school, instead leaving them to the maid. What can I say.. hmm.. I feel that the kids are safer at school. I'm afraid if the maid run off and leaving the kids behind. That's if she leaves the kids behind, what if she flee off together? Nauzubillah. What more, our unit does not have CCTV.

Seriously, I feel that by having a maid, there is more burden on me especially on monitoring the maid, and I have to start to cook again. Resigned from kitchen since 2009. Not only that, I have to resort the maid out when we want to go for vacation. There is no way we are going to fork out for additional room. Plus, I also have to consider the family gathering, whether or not to bring the maid along.

Yes, it worries me because we are not the best pay employer (RM600 is basic salary. Most people give that much) compared to our cousins who pay a lot to their maids. Some even give more than a thousand per month. You think the maids wont do comparison when they meet up? Ni.. time raya ni.. camne??

With RM600, I (still) think the maid is overpaid. To clean our unit will take less than 2 hours. Kids will be at school. Clothes will be cleaned and dry by washer & dryer. All done by a press of button. 
It will be me who get the dinner ready on the table, tucking the kids to bed. So what's left for the maid? --- Folding and ironing, cleaning, vacuum and mopping, wiping.. lagi apa lagi????

If she complaints that I'm very fussy. Hell yeah, how can I not be fussy when the work around the house is not that much??

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