Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post #0161 - You can no longer hold your fart when you reach this age

Dear Earthlings, 

I received a call from GadgetGeek last night, telling that he might get an earlier return flight which either tomorrow night or Saturday morning due to last-minute meeting to be held on the night of new year's eve in KL. His Dubai trip was supposed to be a six days trip, ie - returning on Sunday night. In a way, I'm glad that he didn't let me tag along else, by having a short stay is definitely a waste. Isteri mithali dengar cakap suami. *Barf*

The thing is, I already make my plan for New Year's eve which is to join my family's New Year Eve Dinner organised by my dad's office in Shah Alam. So it clashes when GadgetGeek suggested to spend our last night of 2011 in one of the hotels in KL. 
I can't afford to miss the dinner because I already ordered a dress and a mask (It's a masquerade dinner). Sangat rugi la if I miss it. Then what am I going to do with the dress and mask?? 

After short discussion, our plan MAYBE something like this - 
1) Me - going to the dinner but escape early (around 10pm)
2) GadgetGeek - to the meeting
3) We'll meet up at hotel. 

But I doubt hows the traffic is going to be. 10pm from Shah Alam to KL city with the Youngsters? On the New Year's Eve? I must be mad.

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