Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post #0160 - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Earthlings, 

Ever since I got married to GadgetGeek, this is my first time joining his company's dinner. Boohoo! Don't ask me why, but according to him when it comes to work and/or business, he prefers me to be invisible. As I quote - " Behind every successful man there is a wise woman "  (Don't continue telling me "behind the wise woman, there is a mistress"! Last time can joke about it, but this time.. no way jose!)
Well, this pretty much explains why he didn't want me to tag along to Dubai  *Whatever* 

With the venue at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, (almost) everybody was sporting enough to put on their best dress of Harry Potter the movie. 

Speaking of dressing up, I was on undecided mode for the past 3 months. 
Earlier I went to the costume shop thinking of renting the couple costume. Had to ditch the plan as GadgetGeek disagreed. 
Bought a nice beaded cardigan from Somerset Bay on Thursday, but ended up wearing Uniqlo Cardigan which I purchased on the following day. And now the beaded cardigan is resting in my closet with the price tag on it. While GadgetGeek just wore anything that he can find in his closet.

(Some of the pictures taken from website)
We dropped our kids at my family's place in Penchala and arrived at the venue around 8pm.

We were held at the lounge area until the doors were opened and the emcee welcomed us in.

Upon entering, we were auwww-ed seeing what the event manager has done to the hall and the flow of the preliminary event. Complete with the voice, sound and lighting effect, we felt like we were in Hogwarts!

There was more than 20 lucky draws. 
As you can see, we didn't win any though the numbers were reaaaaaallly close to us. No ong laa number 050. Otherwise it's gonna be the first entry that I will brag about it here :P  The first price was a trip to Phuket. Others like, flat screen tv, (2) ipads, camera, hampers, hotel stay, spa etc. 

The best dressed contest, 
The lady in red and the gent in long hair won the contest

Entertained by a number of performances,

Stand up Comedian
"SMART Tunnel is for S* Malaysians Avoiding Road Traffic"

Even the CEO himself delivered a song!

But the most I like was this one -

A wand was circulated around each table, and very (un)fortunate of him to get it. What's important, keep the spirit high.
Good Job hunn! (Yeah, it's easy for me to say. But if it happens to me.. I'll die! DIE! DIE! DIE!)

Now playing : -

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