Thursday, December 1, 2011

Post #0145 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

Recently we heard that the government is going to list down the registered maid agency on December 1, 2011. The cost is (more less) about RM4500-00, if I'm not mistaken. 
Anyways, that's (the same) price we'd to fork out (yes, wayyy cheaper than our last 8-days Cambodian maid).

In our case, the Agreement is to pay half to the agent, and she will send out the data so the Employer can apply the working permit at the Immigration. Then, pay the balance upon the maid arrival. Simple? I don't know. 
Nonetheless, I had it the first hand. Did all by myself for the previous maid. From applying working permit to self-collect at the 'foreign worker area' in KLIA (at that time I was 38 weeks pregnant. So you can imagine how frustrated I was it didn't turned out as I expected especially when I had to go through all the hassle etc)

GadgetGeek's aunty went to Medan and met the maid agency there. She went all the way because she needs to find the maid replacement for GadgetGeek's grandmother. (upon hearing this, we quickly 'place our order'). Technically, all the selection was done by her.

The maid is about 36 years old. The husband no where to be found. Have 3 year old child. Worked in Malaysia in 2006 for 3 years before she returned to Medan. And most importantly, the Agent mentioned that no handphone for maid. All and all, I think total is about RM5500 (Inclusive FOMEMA, visa etc) 
I don't want her to enter Malaysia on tourist visa as it is costly when we want to apply for working permit. 

Insha Allah, we will paying the Agent tomorrow. This and that. In and out, I think we can expect her arrival in January next year. 

Whatever it is, GadgetGeek's aunty told us to pray a lot when it comes to maid. Feeling torn in between two, I did 2 raqaat prayer; Istiqarah and prayed - 

Ya Allah! 
Aku mohon pemilihan Mu menerusi pengetahuan Mu dan 
aku mohon kekuatan Mu menerusi kudrat Mu serta 
aku minta pada Mu sebahagian dari limpah kurnia Mu 
yang sangat besar. Sesungguhnya Engkau amat berkuasa 
sedangkan aku tidak berkuasa, 
Engkau amat mengetahui sedangkan aku tidak mengetahui 
dan sesungguhnya Engkau amat mengetahui segala yang ghaib. 

Ya Allah 
kiranya Engkau mengetahui bahawa perkara ini adalah baik bagiku 
dalam urusan agama ku juga dalam urusan penghidupan ku 
serta natijah pada urusan ku, kini dan akan datang, 
maka tetapkan lah ia bagi ku dan permudahkanlah ia untukku, 
serta berkatilah daku padanya. 
Dan kiranya Engkau mengetahui 
bahawa perkara ini membawa kejahatan kepadaku 
dalam urusan agamaku, juga dalam urusan penghidupanku 
dan natijah urusanku, kini dan akan datang, 
maka elakkanlah ia dariku 
dan tetapkanlah kebaikan untukku sebagaimana sepatutnya, 
kemudian jadikanlah daku meredhainya.

I couldn't say much on this. Just pray for the best.

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  1. I got my maid from Medan too..its from a relative yg husband dia kawin dgn org sana..calling visa boleh ke?..i though the indonesian imigresen still freezing the calling visa for maid from Indonesia..i have to do the JP Visa ie maid masuk via tourist visa..memang costly..the visa aje cost 1.1k..campur tolak semua we fork put 3K ++ juga laa..

    Awal -awal dtg the maid tue homesick nak balik after 2 weeks kerja..she is from kampung betul and tak pernah keluar dari Medan.. ask her to bersabar kerja di sini utk masa dpn her child coz we had fork out bnyk duit juga laa w/out dpt servis memang marah if she insist nak balik we inform her family to pay back..terus tak jadi balik..

    hopefully she stays laa till her work permit ends ( at least)..dlm case maid ini mmg kita kena byk bersabar n doa yg terbaik ..

  2. ELYANA, this morning dgr that Indo govt tarik balik moratarium. Need another 3 months baru boleh hantar maid to msia.
    So terpaksa lah maid masuk visa tourist.
    If semua ok, lagi 2 minggu maid tu sampai. Nervous jugak ni. My mom dok suruh I pesan kat agent suruh amik yg hodoh-hodoh. *Ntahapahapa* Bukan tak nak dgr ckp my mom, tapi benda mcm ni.. payah lah. Lain orang, lain pendapat.