Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post #0018 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings,

I think the side effect of this illness has started kicking in. Lately I feel freezing, though the weather is not that cold. Hey, we are living in Malaysia.. so what do you expect? Winter?

Wearing socks plus fleece slippers are still not enough to keep me warm. On top of that, I have to wear long sleeves and robe every night. 
In the office, wrapping myself with a sweater is a must. A jacket/blazer couldn't do the trick. Not forgotten, socks to keep my feet warm. Lucky my department located next to the lift, and I always park my car near to exit because I hate people seeing me in this attire.

Like last night, BigSis mentioned that I'm getting fat and need to shred some pounds. Told her that it's the symptom and there is nothing I can do about it. Anyways, when it comes to exercise my gynae advised that any exercise can only be done 6  months post c-section so the 6th month will be expiring by this coming March. We will see how exercise can help me losing weight. 
Well, Britn.ey does at least 500-1000 sits up every day. Maybe I can do that. Hahaha

Actually I don't mind on getting more flesh, as long as it's between the bmi bracket. What concern me is the size of my tummy. It's so huge.. and people seeing it would think that I'm expecting. 
So the best way I can do is to join them and pretend that I'm expecting. Plus, avoid shops who have people distributing the pamphlet - especially the slimming centre etc. Because I feel offended each time I held the pamphlet in my hand. 

Not only that, I always carry Youngster#2 in baby carrier, so it would hide my tummy. That's why you rarely see we taking the second stroller out. 
GadgetGeek said that I'm living in denial. If that makes me happy, why not?
Moreover, the Dr advised not to have any unnecessary stress, otherwise things might turn sour. For the first 6 months, my appointment will be every month as the Dr can monitor the progress and/or pattern. So, my next appointment will be after Chinese New Year. On the second thought, I think I need to see him tomorrow. I don't feel that healthy anymore. 

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  1. size/weight does not matter as long as ure happy.. plus emir is super cute!!