Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post #0015 - We do our bit, you do your bit

Dear Earthlings, 

We received a booklet of Youngster#1 & #2 - 2011 Rules and Regulation. It's kinda surprised me because I didn't expect that the School has such strict rules. For instance, no birthday celebration is allowed as blowing candles are not Islamic. (Ehemm...) However, the School welcomes parents who wish to give the children a treat and/or organise a doa selamat. Not only that, the parents are reminded to show the meaning of proper adab, like offering salam and encourage the child to thank the teachers.
Each child will have a communication book in which parents are able to record needs of the child for that day. It also allows the teachers to inform the parents the child's progress, needs and medication schedules etc. We pretty agree on the existence of Communication Book as it provides a direct and/or indirect contact between the Parents and the Teachers.

We should be getting the timetable by next week as few more things needed to be finalised. 
Briefly, the kids will have their gym class at 8.15am every day and once a week, they will have their outings at the School compounds. Every Wednesday, gymnastic class, Monday - Mandarin class as well as practise their solat in jemaah every Friday and "Show and Tell".

When it comes to evaluation, the child will be evaluated at least once to twice a year and BOTH parents are encourage to attend the evaluations sessions. Other than yearly evaluations, parents may request for additional evaluations and advise on the child's program.

Anyways, yesterday the School organised an induction course for the parents. I couldn't make it due to work, but GadgetGeek attended the session together with Youngster#1. It was a two hours session participated by the School Director and the Principal. 

According to GadgetGeek, the School Director is very passionate about the child early learning, hence implemented an American/British learning method in line with Islamic approach. The Principal also mentioned that the School plan to have swimming class, horse riding, archery and few more outdoor activities for 2011. We hope that they don't increase the fee due to these :D

The good news is, Youngster#1 found a new friend. The girl, named Lil N is a mix of Malay-Arab. GadgetGeek told me that Youngster#1 looked very happy and enjoyed herself playing with Lil N. We'll see how it goes this Monday.

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