Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post #0012 - Crazy Love

Dear Earthlings, 

Like always, when it comes to movie, I make sure I watch the previous one(s) (again, in short gap) before watching the sequel. Then the said sequel will be more entertaining to watch. Same goes to concert thingy. Before I do big purchase, I need to do some homework.

Anyways, previously I told that I really-really-really want to go to Buble's concert, right? 
And after listening to his records, namely his debut album - Micheal Buble, It's Time, Call me Irresponsible, and Crazy Love, I realised I just love few of his tracks especially Everything, Come Fly With Me, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Haven't Met you Yet. 
Can you believe it? Out of thirty plus songs that he has, I only like these songs? That's not even a quarter to begin with!

So, is it worth it for me to go?
I guess not!
Hahaha.. I think this is what "Lean Management" do to me. Eliminating the waste.

Now I have solid ground NOT to go to his concert. Free ticket is a different story.

Now playing : Micheal Buble - Quando Quando Quando


  1. True.. If I mampu I will only take the cheapest ticket tapi takkan nak pegi sendiri.. Plus I heard he is here to promote his new album. I dont even know which song is that...

  2. ENAZZ, kan. If takat minat 4-5 lagu je, better buy the cheapest ticket/tak gi, pasal bila dgr lagu lain.. will only nganga at the concert. hehe