Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post #0011 - Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Earthlings,

I knew it. This is what happened when I have my own money. I tend to spend.spend.spend and spend. If I can't go to the mall, then online shopping it is. Like last week, I purchased a winter coat via online, which I don't know when I will get to wear it. Isn't it an impulsive buy? I hate it when this happens. Ironically, I also spent more than half a thousand for scarfs. Yet, I keep on wearing the same and favourite scarfs only. Damn. Damn. Such a waste.
Sadly, I have to keep it away from GadgetGeek. He'll freak out if he hears this.

Let alone in buying stuff for Youngster #1 and #2. Every week they'll get new toys and/or new clothes or just about anything. Previously we agreed on not spoiling them, and now.. things are not looking the way we wanted. Maybe this is just one of the way(s) to redeem myself from guilt? As we leave them at the nursery for almost 11 hours on weekdays.

Looking at the other side of the story, I finally got a chance to give my-first-pay pressie to GadgetGeek. It is definitely a practical one, and can be used for his Abu Dhabi trip in next two weeks. Yeay. Okay fine. I think one of the reasons is because I accidentally lost my credit card when I was at one of the stores in 1Utama today.

The story goes like this. 
When I was making a purchase of ehemmm, I asked GadgetGeek to collect my credit card from the cashier counter as I need to feed Youngster #2. After he collected it, he handed over to me when I was busy picking and selecting few t.shirts because he wanted to go to another store. 

However, I didn't put it straight away in my bag but held it in my hand instead. When I was about to pay the items, I rang him asking where's my credit card. He told me that he already handed to me. At that moment, I knew it.. The card has gone and I couldn't find it anywhere.

After 10 minutes searching for the card, I gave up and asked GadgetGeek to ring the CallCentre to make the cancellation. Seriously, when you have credit limit of thirty thousand, how can you not be terrified?! 5 years knowing GadgetGeek, this is the first time I saw his upset face. 
The cancellation/reporting a missing card is not that easy. There are many more procedures to follow, like making police report, insurance etc.

Nevertheless, my hunch says to ask the store manager, just in case anyone has found my card. I walked straight to the cashier counter and wallahhhh.. someone has returned the card to him and he was just about to call the bank. Close call isn't it?

Since I was guilty as charged, I need to buy something for him. Just to ease my guilt  
Don't ask me why I've been so clumsy nowadays. 

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