Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post #0014 - Previous, Terrible Two. Now, Tantrum Three

Dear Earthlings, 

Lately Youngster#1 is not being herself. Not being herself in the sense that she’s picking up bad habits and drives us nuts!
For the past few days, she started to scream, cry for no reason, didn't talk much, throw her tantrum just about anywhere and/or anything. GadgetGeek was wondering whether I picked up wrong kid from the school, because Youngster#1 never acted this way before. And we were like not even know her at all. 

Tired of this, we started to identify the root cause.
Few issues has been listed, such as –
  • Whether the arrival of Youngster#2 has caused her acting that way? 
  • What happened at school that we don’t know 
  • Whether we not spend enough time with her
and the list goes on. We also did some reading and ask people around us. We also has addressed this matter to the school, and the school promise to closely monitor her.

Ironically, it is not about the arrival Youngster#2 nor our fault. 
It's because something has happened at her school.

Well, we enrolled her at this one integrated Islamic school in Klang Valley. Previously she was all excited to go to school and never give us any drama. Easy to wake up early in the morning (because I'm the chauffeur) and very helpful etc.

Then when the new semester starts (January, 2011) she began to change. For all we know, we still spend quality time with her and didn't change our treatment towards her since Youngster#2 was born. 
When I discussed the matter with the Principal, she told me that Youngster#1 is also not responding to the activities, idling, cries a lot and so on. Then, we believe that the reason she acted that way because she has lost her bestfriend. Apparently, her bestfriend (Lil H) who is a year older has registered the pre-school. Though the pre-school is located next to the playschool building, they don't see each other because it is a confine area. Unfortunately, there are some other kids who are in the same boat with Youngster#1. 

No wonder Youngster#1 keeps on crying and told me that she wants to return to her previous nursery. Pity her. She must be lonely at school. 
The school said that it will take time and they have continuously keep on organising activities that involves mingling. We hope she can get through this soonest possible.

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