Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post #0183 - Blackmailing is so yesterday!

Dear Earthlings,

One thing that I never think about having kids - You gotta have a LOT of patience! Which is so unlikely of me!

Anyways, the Youngsters love making mess (who doesnt?). No matter how constant we ask them to clean up, they will continue to dig toys out of chest. Few nights ago I had this conversation with Youngster #1 which I realised, blackmailing doesn't work anymore.

Me : Clean up your toys, or mommy will throw in the bin. (It always works!)
Youngster #1 : (First she negotiated - "Please mommy, I'm tired. Mommy help please" )
(NO was the answer and continued asking her to clean up else latter).
Then her next line was - "Please mommy... Throw in the bin.. Please..."

Surprised with her answer, I saw my 3.5 year old child was reverse phychologing me. Just like her daddy. Pfft.
I went to the kitchen and passed her the garbage bag (still asking her whether she is sure about this, ironically she said "yes - I don't want to play anymore")

She managed to clean up the toys - instead in toy chest, she kept it in the garbage bag. When I sorted the bags, I realised.. she threw (all) Youngster #2 toys (not hers!). hampeh!

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