Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post #0179 - Birthday Splash

Dear Earthlings, 

My nephew (and Lil Sis II) had a birthday splash two weeks ago at my parent's place. The default birthday ideas was by Lil Sis I.

Birthday Cake
Candy Corner - Old Skool Style

This small and intimate party started with the arrival of guests at 3.
We.. err... we came just before that. And of course, by the time we arrived.. all the decoration was already beautifully done. (Bukan tak nak tolong prepare, but we were tied up with the Youngsters)

Most of the parents dropped off their kids and boys being boys, they don't waste much time. Splish Splash it is.

Then the cake cutting -

As usual.. game time! Hosted by Lil Sis I & II and BigSis.

Done with games, the kids headed back to the pool. Oh, a birthday party is not complete without a drama. There was a kid who threw his tantrum (for almost an hour) because he wanted to join splashing but didn't know how to swim yet refused to put on float. Fyi, the pool is 1.2m and the deepest I think it's about 2m.

Before the guests leave, they are free to pick one gift. 

And of course, Lil Sis I with Che Abe.
First they posed like this -

Then I requested for another pose. They gave me this - 

Even sweeter isn't it? 
Hahaha.. coincidently, when my dad passed by this couple (with this pose).. with his errr.. malas nak layan look, he said.. "huk aloh laa" (in Kelate' slang) was priceless.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, sis. A HUGE spent but worth every cent :))