Friday, February 17, 2012

Post #0182 - Cloud

Dear Earthlings, 

Every day I drive more than 80km to and fro (Damansara - Ulu Kelang - Jalan Pahang - Ulu Kelang - Damansara). Been doing that for more than a year already. Have to drop off the kids to school first (The School is about 25 km away) and another 15km to my work place. Since our route is against the traffic, I think I have no problem with that except that I have to face 40-60 minutes Setapak traffic madness. If I'm lucky, I can reach my office in half an hour after I send the kids.

Anyhow, I love looking at the clouds.. especially the morning clouds. It may sound a bit koo-koo but.. each time when I'm approaching the Sri Gombak exit from Batu Caves (picture above) I can't help myself describing "what if that cloud is a huge waves going to hit us?" "how am I going to save myself?" 

Almost every morning you can see this view.
I call it.. morning physcho. 

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