Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post #0181 - Denai Alam Recreation and Riding Centre (DARC)

Dear Earthlings,

Recently, we asked Youngster #1 -
"Do you want to ride a horse?"
Youngter #1 : Yes. I want pink horse. 

We believe this was on her mind -

Not realising that she was going to ride a REAL one!

a bit nervous..

I think it cost us RM5 for 3 rounds?

Youngster #2

Done with the horse riding, we went for Archery together with BIL I and family.

GadgetGeek and BIL I wifey

So have you been to DARC
Located at Denai Alam, it's a recreational place suitable for family and friends. Got to know this place from BIL I. They do have family package, but we didn't enroll it. Suffice with pay upon visit.

Operating hours

Around the area - 


Happy with the place, we went there again!

Like a pro already :)

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  1. thanks for the least ada la 'menu tambahan' tuk our weekend...btw, nice blog..

  2. how much do u guys pay per entrance? :)

  3. Dear Anonymous, sorry for the late reply. There is no entrance fee. Payment is only for the games you choose.