Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post #0180 - Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang

Dear Earthlings,

We went to Penang last month for GadgetGeek's company 2012 Family Day. 


Planned to depart before 10am so we could reach Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang by lunch. Surprisingly (not!) we only departed close to noon.
Anyhow.. what is Penang without ferry ride, isn't it?

First time to park at the upper deck

Weather : Super windy!

Reached Feringgi three hours later (admiring the beach facing houses)

Dinner was served near the beach whereby they placed 3 coloured baloons as a centrepiece. It was a free seating, but the trick was.. the guests shirts have to be matched with the coloured balloons.



Anyhow, last year they had the Family Day in Thistle, Port Dickson and we got wii for lucky draw. Ironically, until today we still didn't open the box yet.  I believe by the time we unwrap the box, wii will be already outdated.

This time, we (only) received the board game. Not from lucky draw.. but a complimentary gift for Youngster #1 because she joined catwalk contest for kids. lol. 


Weather : Blinkingly hot.

Right after breakfast, I took the kids to the Adventure Zone because GadgetGeek had to go for his team building etc. (Food spread - Breakfast, Lunch was so-so. Nothing to shout about. It was just like any other hotel)  

Didn't go for swimming although we did bring the swimsuits. The Youngsters were down with flu. 

The Committee organised the dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel where all of us traveled by bus. If I'm not mistaken, the theme was Rock and Roll(?). To be inline with the theme, the Committee distributed accessories, wigs, sunglasses inside the bus.

Love the live band! Superb

The Committee did a good job when they involved ALL staffs for performance. Basically, they were divided into groups according to the position. Had to dance based on given songs (ie : Thriller, Party Rock Anthem etc). Top 5 will be on stage and the winner gets the prize.

Really enjoyed the live band, but the food was errr.. I wouldn't say terrible.. but it was not good.

Adventure Zone again(!) after breakfast. 

Just because we want them to sleep all the way.

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