Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post #0186 - Aidijuma

Dear Earthlings, 

I went to AidiJuma Kiosk in the Curve recently just to have a look what it is all about. Didn't plan to make any purchase, but failed to do so because of the price! 
One tone tudung is selling for RM7 and two tones for RM15. While Polka Dot is selling for RM33.

So this week I've been wearing the newly purchased tudung, just to get the jive of it.

Tuesday - Incidently wore terbalik. Miss Shop-A-Lot commented me that morning saying  my tudung was so ugly. UGLY. UGLY. UGLY. 
Been wearing it the whole day until I only realised at 7pm.

Supposed to wear it this way -

The following day - two tone Blue. 

When it comes to end product, I believe this brand should do better.
I shouldn't start commenting, else I better do my own line of clothing! which I think, I will!

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  1. reeva kpj bukan tudung putih or kuning eh?..tak silap i last time masa i buat houseman kt DSH n kerja APSH that color?..

  2. Elyana, for hospitals they have to wear white tudung :)