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Post #0137 - In between Splish Splash and Medication

Dear Earthlings, 

We finally took Youngster #2 to the pool last weekend.. at the age of 15 months! (Unlike Youngster #1, I started to dunk her since she was 3 months old) 

It's not because we were tied up with work, but it's due to in-out hospitals and never-ending flu.

Youngster #2 has been depending on drugs for months. Bottle after bottle. Believe it or not, if it's not every week/fortnight.. we go to the hospital every month for check ups. I can memorise all the drugs that were prescribed to us - Flixonase, promethazine, iliadin, butylin, rhinathiol, singulair etc.. you name it. I even can guess what are the meds that the doctor is going to prescribe to us.

I don't really control the Youngsters diet. But only for Youngster #2, I keep biscuits away from him. This is because any kind of biscuit can trigger cough. 

His nose will only dry for a day or two. Then the flu return, followed by cough, and phlegm. Don't let me start on puff. From blue puff, grey puff to red puff.. we've tried it all. For all we know, he's infected with pneumonia. Not once, but twice within 6 months.

Todate, we've seen 5 Pediatricians. Some of them are good, but the treatment given does not suit him until we met the final one. 

This year alone, Youngster #2 has been admitted 6 times. Started in February and the last one about two weeks ago. Twice for pneumonia, (and four more I couldn't recall). Tired of this, I have been monitoring him closely since he last admission. Seeing that we send both of them to School, we have no choice but to boost their immunisation.
Basically this is his routine -

Morning : 
1) Puff (Orange)
The Paed advised us to puff him twice a day.
2) Nose Spray (Sterimar) (6 hourly - if there's flu)
The sea-water spray is to clean the nose.

Night : 
1) Puff (Orange)
2) Nose Spray
3) Zyrtec (if he has flu)
4) Honey 
I give him about 2.5ml and the sister 3ml. People said that it's not good to give honey to a child. 3 out of 5 Paed that we met also said the same thing. To me, as long as they don't show any allergy or something, then the honey should be ok. Do note that honey must be taken by using plastic spoon/syringe. Can't use any kind of steel. Else, it won't work.

The one in the picture is the cheap ones. I think the price is not more than RM30. If you have extra budget, you can go for - RM126 per jar.

5) Chlorophyll 
This product (UniCity) was recommended by my Dad. Had no choice but to take it (because my dad twisted my arm) due to some testimonial saying that it works for sensitive nose. Mixed it with milk - One teaspoon = 8oz milk. RM75 per jar.

Plus, we also subscribed to air purifier. (RM100 & RM80 (inclusive service charge) per month for two years contract). I can't remember how many times they come to service. Was it every month? or every 3 months? or every six months?? Gotta to check the contract.

At first we were very skeptical. Mainly because we can't see the dust etc yet this product claim that it can prevent all the sickness. Bla.. bla.. bla..

Cut story short, few weeks ago we went to HomeDec and came across Coway booth. I'm not sure whether you have heard about this product before, but to us.. that was our first time hearing the brand. 

Holding on "we have nothing to lose", we select two (out of 4 (or 5) air purifier.
In our living room, we place - Lombok

While in bedroom - Dolomities
(Can also read here)

So far.. (3 weeks in use).. I'd say that the house is not stuffy anymore (We closed the sliding door and windows because there is a construction just in front of our unit, and it's very dusty!)

But in my personal view, I prefer Dolomities over Lombok. At least for Lombok I can see that the color changes (from red (dusty/odor) to red + blue and blue (clean & clear). Compared to Lombok, I feel that it doesn't do much different. 

As for impact on our kids.. 
I'm not sure whether it's because of the air purifier or the honey or the Chlorophyll. What ever it is, I'm glad that they are no longer coughing.

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