Monday, November 7, 2011

Post #0133 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 
After about 14 months we kicked out our (8 days) Cambodian Maid, we are now searching for a maid. At this point of time, we do not really mind whether the maid is from Indonesia or Philippines. 

Nervous, yes I am - as the pain of having a maid is still there. But we think we need a helper.
Believe it or not, the cheapest we got the quotation is RM10k for Indonesian Maid, and RM12k for Phillipines Maid. So damn expensive!!

Both of us have agreed that though we have maid, we will still be sending the kids to school. Even if the new one coming, I think the baby also will be going to the same school.

As I'm working right now, I do not know how to train/monitor this maid. But one thing for sure, I know that I'm bloody fussy with how things work in the house.

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  1. Reeva, currently i'm having cambodian maid...btw, philipines nyer salary brp? Rm1k + ker? Just curious sbb my sister pn nk amik tgh confuse antara philipines or cambodia....


  2. Shafa, agency tu cakap RM1k per month but kena kasi one day leave every week.