Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post #0142 - Yellow and Wheels

Dear Earthlings, 

We send both of our kids to the same school, but they are in different class. Youngster #1 in PlaySchool and Youngster #2 in Nursery. So far we are satisfied with the School programme though they are always take time off like Teacher Training Day, Teacher Meeting, School Dinner etc.

I always communicate with the teachers. The most would be Youngster #2 teacher. 
Morning chat would be with Youngster #2's teacher during drop off and later in the afternoon Youngster #1 teacher when pick up.

Anyways, for Nursery.. their ratio is ONE TEACHER = THREE CHILDREN (newborn - 1.5 years old), which I totally happy with it. Previously Youngster #2 was under Teacher L, until last August she went for maternity leave and a new teacher replacing her - Teacher N, a fresh grad from UIA majoring in child physchology.
Seeing that Youngster #2 is close and very de manja with Teacher N, she continues to take care of him instead returning him to Teacher L. The best part is, she always update, text me and even record on a video of Youngster #2 milestone. (Maybe I should get something for her). hehe

Speaking of milestone, 
Right now Youngster #2 is developing interest over music. When the music is on, he will be the first person shaking his head/body and try to sing along. Told her that I'd like to enrol Youngster #2 for drum class. Apparent, the Teacher is also a drummer. How cool is that??

This morning, she told me that Youngster #2 likes to spin wheel and yellow color. 
Upon hearing this, I was ermm.. confused. 
So I googled on the connection kids loves spinning wheel and yellow. The keyword was something like - wheel.yellow. As I googled, I stumbled on the signs of autism. (knock on wood) Alhamdulillah, he does not have the signs, but I'm just curious why he loves car/wheel and yellow color (of all the colors lah). 
Read some stories here.

I told my boss about my concern. According to her, I'm too pshycho and being freak out for nothing. 
Damn, must be because of my medication.

On the other side, for the past few weeks, I've been following Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and  Institut Nury

They are the organisations that support the development of family and kids.
No words can describe how I feel, because I know I don't have much courage to face it unlike other parents. It teared me when I read the success stories. How Almighty laid out His test in different ways. The parents have my utmost respect in raising the special kids.

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