Monday, May 23, 2011

Post #0073 - Off Diaper

Dear Earthlings, 
I think Youngster #2 is officially off diaper. 
For the past weeks, (let say we missed to take her to toilet before she sleeps we put the diaper on).. However, the diaper remains dry on the next morning. 
And if she goes to the toilet before she sleeps, we let her off diaper. So far it looks promising.

If we go for outing, it's gonna be me who is going to take her to the toilet. At first, it was a bit hassle because it is not easy to find a clean toilet. 

So I thought her few rules regarding the public toilet
First, to hold her 'business' and walk quickly to the nearest toilet.
Second, not to step on the toilet floor barefoot.
Third, to place tissue/cover/wipe on the toilet seat (this one, I'd to do it for her)
then only she can sit on it.

Sometimes, she rather put her 'business' on hold if the toilet is dirty/squatting toilet. About a month ago, she poo-ed in her pants when we were having dinner in a restaurant (we didn't know that she needs to go to the toilet). 
Whenever this thing happens, I will definitely throw away the pants. So far it happened 3 times. So, it has been 3 pants I threw away. 
Yeah, I don't even bother to wash it.. (which also explains why I don't support cloth diaper). geli!!

I remember her first time to poo in the toilet. First, she wanted to poo in the diaper, but I insisted and immediately put her on the toilet. Ignored any plea and scream from her. 
And it works.
Then, came constipation. 
I don't know how far this is true, but each time she constipate, I ask her to sing to relief the pain and helps to smooth the flow :) Any song will do.
GadgetGeek laughed at me when I suggested this. But I believe it works. You should try it yourself.

Last night, she slept early and missed the toilet. As usual, we put on the diaper (just in case). However, she woke up in the middle of the night; took her diaper off and was angry at us because we put on the diaper.
Yeay, finally. No more diaper for Youngster #1 (though I planned for her to diaper off since she was 1.5 years old). oh well, my laziness prevails. Then again, I have to thank the School for getting the ball rolling :)

These (L) stocks are now belongs to Youngster #2 which I think it would be enough until end of the year.
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