Friday, May 20, 2011

Post #0070 - Fast5

Dear Earthlings,
Me and GadgetGeek went for Fast5 after more than a year not going to the Cinema. It was me who did the booking however, the silly thing was, I booked 2 twin seats not realising that I booked 4 seats for two of us. When the price came out, I was surprised that the total was almost the same with Gold Class ticket (need to top up a bit more), but I continued to enter the cc number for payment. 

We ended up having 2 seats for each of us. What a waste! and what more.. we ironically arrived late and missed the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. Hisshh!!

Overall, I rate for 4.5 over 5, because I love the story line. I'm not in the favour of car racing, because we know.. in the end, they surely gripping the finishing line. Cliche'.
But having a reunion on this mission, drew a smile on my face. Satisfied indeed.
Bringing on the old skool!

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