Monday, May 16, 2011

Post #0067 - Non Stop toppers

Dear Earthlings, 

I'm scheduled for my operation this Thursday. Will be checking in the hospital on Wednesday as I need to settle of some of my files tomorrow. (oh yeah, i work on public holiday. pfft) 

Anyways, GadgetGeek went to HK and China two weeks ago for his business trip and returned last Thursday. Thought it was just for 7 days, it taught us to be strong in distance relationship. 
Well, at least it reminded us that it is not easy to be apart. 

Mmm.. speaking of my operation day..
Since it clashes with GadgetGeek schedule (he was supposed to have this one meeting in JB) he persuaded me to postpone the operation. However, I couldn't do that because I have been differing the date for the past four weeks due to his schedule. (Derhaka No. 1)  Like, if I postpone it to another date, it won't guarantee that he will be free.

Anyways, the said meeting has been postponed. However, another meeting has been slot in and now he will only take half day leave - which kindda upset me. Technically, after my operation (10am) he will off for the lunch meeting. Though it is just a minor one, I want him to be there.

Right now I'm a bit disappointed (Derhaka No. 2), but please remind me to ask for his forgiveness before I go to the OT :D

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