Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post #0069 - Day Two : the day that I become a pirate

Dear Earthlings, 
My operation was scheduled at 11am, 19 May 2011. By 9:30am, a nurse came in and asked me to change for OT attire, as well as to take the drugs. 

I was advised to lie down on the bed as soon as I consume the drugs as it makes me drowsy & sleepy. 

At 10:25 am, this picture was taken -
Yes, I forgot how the pain is going to be.  Hence, the smile. 

The Doctor, marked on the upper side of my right eye brow so she will not confuse on which side she needs to operate. 

I was still awake when I was wheeled from the room to the operation theater. But slowly went to "high mode" at the waiting area. 
Since I'm taking GA (General Anesthetic) the drug was in the form of liquid where the Anesthetist jabbed me thru IV. I remember I heard the Anesthetist said "Ubat ni sakit sikit"

Though I was in 'high' mode, I managed to reply, "ok. aduhhh.. sa.." ... (because I can feel the liquid flowed into my nerves and veins. It was so painful)
However, I didn't finish the line as I immediately went to a deep sleep. zzzzz..
(the doctor & the Anesthetist must be saying that this girl will only shut her mouth if she sleeps)

According to GadgetGeek, the nurses sent me to the room around 12:30pm with this look -

Seriously, on that operation day, I talked for 1-2 minutes then dozed off for an hour.. awake for 2-3 minutes, then dozed off again.
The pain killer and antibiotic
Asked the nurse to remove this IV - painful!

Did I mentioned that GadgetGeek left me for his work about half an hour after my operation? and I only get to see him again afternoon next day. Yes, I was alone in the ward which the reason why I keep on checking my office emails.
I was so damn bored!

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