Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Post #0068 : Day one - the day that i become a pirate

Dear Earthlings,
Right now, i'm at the hospital. Checked in at 10 am this morning, and did some check ups. By 11:15am, GadgetGeek left me for his meeting. And guess what, i went to my office instead. This is the downside of having office just in front of the hospital. I think i enjoy staying in the office than having the rest in the ward.
Yeah. F.r.e.a.k.
I still cant register myself how painful it's going to be until the doctor in charge mentioned that she will give a week of medical leave. Geez..
I even planned out for a movie on this friday. And i thought she will give me two days mc. *blur gile*

To be on the safe side, i finally asked her how is the operation going to be. Whether there will be stitches after she removes the lumps with blade etc.
So tomorrow i'll be wearing the eye patch. Hahaha. coincidently same date with the launching of pirates of carribean.

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